The Alien Conspiracy

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The Alien Conspiracy

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Author, researcher, and alien abductee Derek Tyler joined Connie Willis (email) to share his research on the alien agenda conspiracy. He detailed his personal experiences, exclusive conversations with insiders, and interviews with over three thousand abductees. Tyler revealed what he calls the most extensive psychological warfare operation in history, which shows how easily even the cleverest of people can be manipulated.

Tyler suggested his life is at risk by speaking out on the topic of secret alien technology. "We're all in a great deal of danger right now and if we lose this, we're going to lose everything," he warned. Tyler claimed to have received military-style briefings from officials at the Pentagon and NASA involved in reverse engineering alien technology found at crash sites.

Tyler identified several alien races, including the Dracos, who he revealed enjoy eating humans. "Any of these alien races, and there are multiple alien races that are known to our government, any of them could potentially wipe us out," he said. According to Tyler, hostile aliens control almost everything due to a treaty signed with our government in the 1950s. The treaty allows them to enter our airspace, abduct citizens for medical experiments, and even kill those they find genetically defective, he explained.

These aliens are fully intent on controlling us, Tyler continued. He pointed to chemtrails as evidence of geoengineering our planet to the specs of an alien world, and how the chemicals used in the process are harmful to humans. Tyler also noted aliens have been on Earth just as long as humanity, and the various races also control the moon and Mars. Humans are being deliberately kept in the dark, he reported, lamenting that disclosure will not happen anytime soon.

Starchild Skull Update

First half-hour guest, Starchild Skull expert Melanie Young, presented an update on the 900-year-old skull. The process was started 18 years ago in 1999, when only a few labs were doing ancient DNA and the cost for their services was prohibitive, she explained. Young credited investigator Chase Kloetzke with connecting her to the proper resources to help determine the anomalous skull's true origins. After comparing the skull side-by-side with other skulls and running extensive DNA tests it was determined to be a human skull. "The total results are that this is a hundred percent five-year-old human male... no doubt in the world," Young said.

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