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In a heartfelt evening, George Noory's birthday celebration featured numerous surprise guests and callers. During the first hour investigator David Paulides shared updates on two separate missing person mysteries at Olympic National Park this past April. In one of the cases, the Park Service refused to provide any sniffing canine dogs-- they brought in cadaver dogs only. He also talked about the very similar cases of children that seem to vanish out of thin air. Numerologist Glynis McCants dubbed 2017 as the "Year of Whiplash," and analyzed recent events such as the London attacks, Roger Ailes' death, and Kathy Griffin's severed head stunt.

Expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, shared well wishes for George on his birthday, and some predictions for humanity. Via the future "progressions" his clients experience in hypnosis sessions, things start to get better by around 2075, he said, and by the 22nd century, the world will be a much more positive place that it is now. Metaphysical researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley also weighed in on humans of the future. "I think the body is going to change quite a bit," she suggested-- it will be less dense, as we become more consciousness-oriented. People will have more psychic abilities and "reality itself, is going to change as a result of that."

In the last hour, author, near death experiencer, and hospice volunteer, Dannion Brinkley visited with George, along with exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla. Also sharing their birthday greetings throughout the night were Dr. Eben Alexander, George Knapp, Connie Willis, Richard Syrett, Lisa Garr, Jimmy Church, Ian Punnett, Gina Salvati, and Heidi Hollis, as well as Open Lines callers & regulars.

Prophetic Outlooks

First hour guest, prophecy scholar John Hogue offered a look into the near future. We could see a break-up of the United Kingdom as a commonwealth by 2020, he suggested, as well as an intensification of terrorist attacks or wars, according to prophecy and astrological windows. What's going on in North Korea and the Middle East could really come to a crisis point especially after the third week of July, and all through August, he cited. The total eclipse passing over the US on August 21st could be followed by seismic events, both in geologic terms and on a human scale, he cautioned.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Jerome Corsi

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