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Practicing naturopath physician Dr. Joanne Conaway left mainstream medicine, rejecting the conventional approach of treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. In the first half, she discussed the latest in health information and the body's ability to use certain types of nutrition and supplements to recover from many ailments. Regarding treating rheumatoid arthritis, it's often caused by a bacterial infection, she asserted, and can be helped by low does of antibiotics such as minocycline.

Toenail fungus can indicate that a person lacks enough healthy gut bacteria and is thus more susceptible to fungal infections, she cited. In addition to adding probiotic foods or supplements to the diet, she noted that tea tree oil (an anti-fungal agent) can be applied directly to the infected nails. For people with gout, dark cherry juice concentrate (mixed with water) can reduce symptoms, Conaway said. She also mentioned that grape seed extract is an excellent antioxidant and that antioxidants help the body deal with toxins from our food and environment.


A graduate of Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Barry University, Amy Weiss is a licensed clinical social worker and co-author of Miracles Happen with her father, Brian Weiss. In the latter half, she talked about reincarnation and past life regression as well has her own experiences using these techniques on herself. Earth can be thought of like a school, she mused, and rather than learn everything in one lifetime, we come back infinite times to evolve our soul, and grow. She spoke about her new novel, Crescendo, about a woman who loses her loved ones in a tragic accident, but the loss propels her on a mystical adventure.

At age 25, Weiss was diagnosed with having cataracts-- an unusual diagnosis for someone her age. Around this time, she did her first past life regression, and discovered she'd been a hermit in the Middle Ages. The townspeople mistrusted this man and burned down his hut with torches. The fire clouded his eyes and made him blind, she explained, which led to her realization that she'd been carrying this feeling of victimization into her current life. "It was affecting my vision in this life, not only with the cataracts, but metaphorically, I was...still feeling unsafe in this world," she said. She was able to let go of that feeling, and since then, doctors have either not been able to find the cataracts or say they do not affect her vision.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Robert Zubrin

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