Scapegoating Russia/ Deathbed Visions

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Scapegoating Russia/ Deathbed Visions

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In the first half, author and practicing human rights attorney Dan Kovalik contended that current perceptions of Russia are incorrect and have been manipulated by some sectors of the US government and the mainstream media in order to justify continued American intervention abroad. "There is a hysteria about Russia" in the US, which even preceded the 2016 US election, he remarked, and it has led to a new Cold War, potentially more dangerous than the first. Kovalik finds this rhetoric unjustified. "I don't see Russia as an enemy. I see them as a potential ally," even with all the faults of Putin, he commented.

One could make a case that Saudi Arabia has a more troubling government than Russia, but that hasn't stopped the US from being their ally, and recently selling them $110 billion of military hardware, he continued. Regarding the claims that Russian hackers worked to influence the US election, Kovalik argued that there is no direct evidence that the hacking was initiated by the Russian government or military. He believes the Democrats are fixating on this as a way to explain why they lost the election, as well as casting suspicions on the Trump transition team's meeting with Russians, as being a potential form of illegal activity.

Metaphysical and afterlife researcher, Josie Varga, is a popular blogger and motivational speaker. In the latter half, she discussed a variety of documented deathbed visits from around the world including angelic visions, shared-death experiences, and gateway or portal appearances. She said her own life changed course when she received a validated dream message from a man who died in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Varga recounted the case of a little boy who came out of a coma, and described his experiences in heaven to his parents such as seeing deceased relatives, including his 19-year old sister, Theresa. The parents were shocked as their daughter was alive, but when they got home they received a call from Theresa's college that she'd just been killed.

Varga outlined different types of deathbed visitations, which include a portal or tunnel opening up, environmental anomalies like a mist or white light, and strange synchronicities, such as after a woman died, people went to her house and found that all of her clocks had stopped at the moment of her death. Visitations are not just visual phenomena-- they can sometimes be primarily auditory, she noted, and there can be shared encounters where everyone in the room experiences the same thing. Varga also spoke about the phenomena of "terminal lucidity" in which a patient with decreased cognition, such as someone with Alzheimer's, suddenly becomes very lucid and aware near the time of their death.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, Jerome Corsi

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