Current Events/ Roswell's Suppressed Secrets

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Current Events/ Roswell's Suppressed Secrets

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In the first half, researcher and analyst Jerome Corsi offered commentary on current events including Syria, North Korea, and the Trump administration. He talked about his new position, writing for Alex Jones' Infowars site, and their efforts to get him White House Press Credentials, as the official Infowars correspondent. Jones, who is often critical of mainstream media, is a real torch holder for combating government propaganda, Corsi suggested. Regarding the death of the US student Otto Warmbier, who was recently released from North Korea, he believes his condition was likely a result of severe treatment or torture he received during his imprisonment.

Corsi was uncertain as to what caused the recent sea collision of the warship, the USS Fitzgerald, and a Filipino container ship in Japanese waters-- seven American sailors were killed in the incident. He spoke about his efforts to combat globalism, and expressed concern over America's military intervention in the Middle East-- "I really question whether we should be pulling out altogether," he said. Corsi also talked about his investigation into the JFK assassination, how Oswald was a patsy, and possible new evidence from the Zapruder film that another shooter is visible on a rooftop.


UFO investigator Don Schmitt is the co-founder of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. In the latter half, he discussed the Roswell incident, which is nearing its 70th anniversary, and the extreme and disconcerting measures the US government exercised to suppress the truth about the mysterious crash of a flying disc. Initially, Schmitt was skeptical about the Roswell case, but after interviewing (along with researcher Kevin Randle) the first 10 witnesses who handled the wreckage debris, they all described the same characteristics, detailing a strange paper-thin, nearly indestructible material.

Based on the testimony of witnesses and their families, Schmitt concluded that the government used strong-arm tactics to silence some of them, such as rancher Mac Brazel who first discovered the debris field on his property. Brazel was reportedly kept at an AFB and questioned for five days, until they got him to change his testimony, Schmitt revealed. There was a secondary crash site about two and a half miles from the debris field, where one of the occupants was said to be found in or near an escape pod, and was subsequently taken to Wright Patterson, according to the testimony of one military officer. Schmitt also talked about his friendship with the late UFO investigator J. Allen Hynek, and his groundbreaking research.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Jeff Nelken, Steve Kates

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