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Science & the Universe/ Communicating with the Departed

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Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss talked about cosmology, our fabric of reality, and how our entire universe could arise from nothing. The universe began around 13.8 billion years ago, he cited, and while it had a finite beginning, it looks as though it will go on expanding forever. Since space and time came into existence at the Big Bang, one could reason there was no time before that occurrence, he noted, and it doesn't make sense to ask what came before our universe. Krauss views the universe as a kind of accident, yet with the development of our brains and consciousness, "it's remarkable that we're here, even if wasn't planned."

"What we see in the universe that appears to be designed for us, is not designed for us," Krauss continued. "In fact...not only is it not fine tuned for us," it is we who are fine tuned for the universe. "We evolved, and the universe allowed us to evolve." He enthused about how CERN (the largest particle accelerator) is the most complicated machine ever devised by humans, and every second that it's running generates more information than all the world's libraries. Krauss was doubtful whether humankind could travel at the speed of light in starships, but said he was part of a research project to send a ship that weights a mere one gram into space at 20% of the speed of light.


For over 40 years psychic intuitive Char Margolis has amazed millions of people all over the world with her uncanny ability to make contact with departed spirits. In the latter half, she talked about her development of intuition and spirit contact, and the ongoing messages she conveys to her clients. "My goal is to help people take away their fear," she said, explaining that the fear of death can be conquered by knowing we'll see our loved ones when we cross over, and fears related to living are dissipated when we're guided by our intuition.

She detailed a case from many years ago when she successfully used her psychic skills to help identify the location of Dean Martin's son, whose plane had gone down. Margolis said she tries to help people prevent problems through her readings. Indeed, during the last hour, she correctly pinpointed that a female caller had emphysema, and brought in a message from her deceased relative imploring her to stop smoking. Margolis relayed that spirits continue to grow and learn on the Other Side, but miss being with the people they love, and curiously some have said they miss eating food, as their taste buds do not operate the same way as a spirit.

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