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Prophecy & War/ NDE Revelations

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In the first half, entrepreneur, author, and ancient language researcher, Craig Winn, detailed his accurate predictions about the outcome of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2002, what led to the rise of the Islamic State, and his new prediction of how the Syrian war will end (Damascus will fall between 2020-2025 and become "a heap of twisted rubble"). He connected the turbulent situations in the Middle East with biblical prophecy. Additionally, he said that the asteroid Apophis coming in 2029 was foreseen in the prophecies of Revelation. It's coming during the midpoint of the "Tribulation" (end times) and will be nudged from its current path, and "rather than just missing the Earth, it's going to hit," he warned.

There are three wars of the prophesied "Tribulation" and the second phase of the "Magog" war occurs after all the Jihadi invaders of Israel are killed, said Winn, adding that then the world turns to nuclear weapons, and one out of every four people die, and a third of the Earth becomes uninhabitable. "The likelihood is that a rogue nation will start that, whether that's North Korea, Iran, or Pakistan...and the super powers are going to respond," in what will be World War III, he continued. Winn views biblical prophecy as an immutable history of what will happen, seen by God from outside of time. According to his prophetic interpretation, we have just 16 years and four months left.


Near Death Experience (NDE) researcher PMH Atwater's findings have been verified in clinical studies, among them a study conducted in Holland and published in Lancet medical journal. In the latter half, she revealed information gleaned from NDEs, which includes how to use your mind, and develop and awaken. Atwater had three NDEs within a few short months of each other, and in the third experience she said she actually saw creation occur, and was told to write three books, by a "Voice" that surpassed any identification, and was like "none other."

She spent her second NDE inside a "void" which contained no people, colors, sound or movement, and "yet, there's the presence of everything that has ever been, everything that's happening now, and everything that will ever's like the womb of creation," she marveled, adding that there was an ineffable "shimmer" across the void. Her new book, A Manual for Developing Humans, has a "fifth dimensional format" and directs people to look within themselves, for their inner truth, which will be particularly important in the years ahead, she noted.

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