OUFOs: A New Discovery/ Open Lines

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OUFOs: A New Discovery/ Open Lines

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After four years of research, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren announced his new discovery of what he believes are living organic UFOs, or as he calls them, "OUFOs." Warren referenced leaked Homeland Security video shot in Aguadillia, Puerto Rico, which appears to show a small UFO hurtling across the sky and plunging into the ocean. The UFO can be seen re-emerging with another object before dipping back into the water and disappearing near the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Puerto Rico Trench, he noted.

Images of similar bizarre-looking UFOs have been captured from around the island, Warren continued. "They all have that kind of rough appearance, they don't look necessarily like some kind of a structured metallic object," he said. The indigenous inhabitants of Puerto Rico, the Taíno, had stories of flying-saucer-shaped entities which could be communicated with telepathically, Warren explained. Based on the irregular shape, size, and behavior of these objects, as well as how they respond to invitations, Warren believes they could be conscious and organic. "Maybe we're not looking at a machine with a little man sitting inside... what if these are actually living things," he suggested.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Gina Maria told George about a UFO encounter she had at The Gorge in George, Washington, where she was able to communicate with the object. According to Gina Maria, she was able to get the object to increase its brightness, fly erratic patterns, and move closer to her (and the people watching). "It came to within about maybe 40 or 50 feet of us and maybe about 50 feet high," she reported.

Blair in Sedona, Arizona, spoke about his association with a 100-year-old psychic woman, Iris Clark, who had remarkable paranormal experiences over the course of her life. According to Blair, Iris was confronted by the spirit of aviator Amelia Earhart at a séance in Coral Gables, Florida in 1946. Loretta in Modesto, California, revealed she "blacks out mentally but not physically." Loretta speculated some kind of drug may have been given to her during her time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

In the final half hour, George presented his rendition of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis / Peter Davenport

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