God and the Afterlife

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God and the Afterlife

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Based on the largest near-death experience (NDE) study in history, involving thousands of people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers, Dr. Jeffrey Long joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to present startling evidence that a supreme being exists, and there is an afterlife. "We found 277 people that were either aware of or actually encountered God during their near death experience, he revealed, noting "the consistency of what they report was striking."

No two NDEs are the same but there is a common pattern of elements reported by experiencers, Long pointed out. The two most prevalent words used by those who have had an NDE are "love" and "peace," which is often described as unearthly in its intensity, he disclosed. According to Long, it is not possible to have a conscious experience after blood stops flowing to the brain, yet cardiac arrest patients report highly lucid, organized experiences.

It should also be impossible to have any awareness under general anesthesia yet NDEs have occurred while a patient is under and his heart has stopped, Long continued. He shared the case of a woman named Vickie who was born blind, got into a nearly fatal accident, and had an NDE during the surgery to save her life. She could see in her NDE, though she had difficulty processing the 360-degree visual imagery common to NDEs, and reported seeing her long hair and a ring on her finger, Long explained. "Near death experiences are indeed a part of reality and something that we can learn a great deal from," he suggested.

Disclosure Day

In the first half hour, political activist and lobbyist Stephen Bassett talked about World Disclosure Day, which he set up in 2010 to bring focus to the issue. When a head of state finally admits the UFO phenomena is extraterrestrial in nature we'll have Disclosure, he explained. According to Bassett, Disclosure will transform the world as people everywhere put aside petty squabbles and realize they are citizens of a universe populated by other intelligent beings. "The 20th century would have been far better and the world would be far better off today... the truth is the antidote," he said.

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