Reverse Speech/ Current & Future Trends

Reverse Speech/ Current & Future Trends


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDavid John Oates, Stephan Schwartz

Hypnotherapist and trainer David John Oates has developed a technology known as "reverse speech" which he claims gives new understandings of language and the human mind. Playing audio clips on the show, he demonstrated how they are used to determine deeper meanings in the way individuals deliver key words and phrases. "The theory I'm proposing," he explained, "is that language is bi-level, forward as well as backward," and the unconscious is often expressed when speech is reversed.

Reverse speech can be used as a kind of truth detector, such as in police investigations, he continued, as well as on a deeper level where it can reveal hidden aspects to a person's behavior and decisions. He played clips from public figures such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in which the reversals sometimes indicated a contrary message to their normal speech. A recently declassified CIA document showed that the secretive organization had one of Oates' books on reverse speech in their library, he reported. Oates is currently involved in a documentary, "Voices from the Unconscious," about his work-- view the video trailer.


In the latter half, researcher in non-local consciousness and futurist Stephan Schwartz talked about major trends that face us today, as well as what remote viewers saw when they looked at the year 2050. The 2016 election, he declared, was decided on four "mega-trends" that no one talked about: being born white will no longer confirm privilege; being born male will no longer bestow dominance; Western European and North American culture values will no longer be the determinant on how the world runs; and we are witnessing a transfer of real power from the nation state to the virtual corporate state. Racial issues have been inflamed in the US, and this is because America is becoming a majority minority country-- the majority will be non-white by 2040, he noted.

On the horizon, he foresees the end of antibiotic medicines (being replacing by genetic engineering), and DNA alterations to prevent diseases in unborn children (probably only an option for the wealthy though). Looking toward 2050, viewers saw that America still maintains its three branches of government but real power has been transferred to local regions and virtual corporate entities. People will be traveling less by air in 2050 because of pollution, he reported, and meeting others more in virtual spaces. There will be massive economic changes as a result of climate change and migration, he added. Schwartz also proposed that people can alter the course of history when faced with daily choices, simply by selecting the most compassionate and life affirming option available to them.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, John M. Curtis

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