Disclosure & Secret Space Program/ UK UFO Sighintgs

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Disclosure & Secret Space Program/ UK UFO Sighintgs

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In the first half, Richard Dolan joined George Knapp to discuss UFO disclosure in the Trump era, as well as different views of the secret space program. Dolan had just been on a panel with several controversial "whistleblowers" at the MUFON conference in Las Vegas, including Corey Goode, and Andrew Basiago. He finds their claims of being participants in a secret space program that included time travel and trips to Mars hard to believe just on their words alone, without them presenting more solid evidence (more on this here). Yet, Dolan has concluded that a clandestine space program has likely reverse engineered technology from crashed UFOs. NORAD has been aware for some time of anomalous objects in our skies, which would prompt the need for a secret space program, he added.

The national security state is a kind of "oligarchy" as the keepers of UFO secrecy, he opined. UFO crash retrievals and military encounters with unknown craft have created a system of complete secrecy and the need to control it, he explained, and countries like the US might not want to let their enemies learn about the recovered technology. While Pres. Donald Trump has shown an oppositional attitude to the establishment which might make him more likely to engage in UFO disclosure, it may be the case that the Deep State and CIA have already "checkmated" him around this issue, Dolan conjectured. Steve, a pilot for a major airline, called in to share his close call with a silver wingless UFO in 2015 while he was flying over Fargo, ND.


John Hanson is a UK retired police officer who has spent over 20 years researching the UFO subject, and has released a series of books called "Haunted Skies." In the latter half, he discussed the UFO cases he's investigated in such locations as Essex, Bentwaters, and Wiltshire. His interest in the subject began when Hanson's son, also a police officer, had a UFO sighting in the 1990s. The late Essex UFO researcher Ron West turned over his files and personal witness reports to Hanson, dealing with cases from the 1980s and 90s. Interestingly, they include many descriptions of triangular objects quite similar to the wave of sightings over Belgium and Europe at the end of 80s.

Hanson detailed two 1954 cases, one involving an RAF pilot who saw three unidentified lighted objects flying in formation, and a Staffordshire sighting in which a woman saw a craft with mysterious occupants that looked like "Nordics." Bizarre phenomena has been connected with UFO witnesses-- one family all had triangular marks on their limbs, he noted. Another witness, a woman who'd had encounters going back to the 1950s, ejected a small mysterious object from her nasal cavity. Shaped like a hook or needle, and made of hydrocarbon, a professor from Manchester University found it baffling, Hanson reported. He also touched on crop circle cases related to UFO sightings, in the Wiltshire area.

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