Planetary Energies/ Urantia Revelations

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Planetary Energies/ Urantia Revelations

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Joining George Noory in the first half, Elizabeth Joyce, a psychic and energetic healer, reviewed her remarkable track record for predictions and her latest work on a new energy on the planet in the fifth dimension called the double helix. Joyce said that she receives her predictions through three methods: sight, where she sees something like "a black and white film, sound that "comes from spirit" and feeling, "like when the hair stands up on the back of your neck." She predicted that the coming eclipse will spell bad news for world leaders and will also cause a massive earthquake in the Mississippi Valley. Harvey Rockman, the producer of an upcoming biopic on Joyce joined the program in the second half hour and described how the stories being produced by Hollywood at present "have not caught up yet with the amazing technology" available to truly provide audiences with transcendent experiences.

Joyce says she left her job in the corporate world almost 30 years ago because she believes that "reaching out for others and losing myself in helping them" was her true purpose, and thinks that anyone can find their own direction in life by quieting down the mental noise and asking for guidance. During call-ins, Colleen from California asked how she could "stop undermining herself." Joyce advised her to "watch your thoughts and change them." Dotty in Texas inquired about her health problems. Joyce said that they would clear up after the August 21st eclipse and that an attitude of forgiveness for those she might be angry with would also help. Janine in Illinois asked "How can I help get my state back on track?" Both Joyce and George thought that better elected officials might help.


Student of the Urantia Revelation for almost 40 years, noted author and editor Byron Belitsos discussed the book of Urantia and its futuristic teachings, which relate to scientific psychology and how our evolving soul becomes an immortal vehicle of our true identity. Belitsos says that the Book has been a part of his life for over 42 years since he became a student of its teachings, which began for him with hearing an interview about it on a college radio station. He stated that the massive text is comprised of "messages from a committee of beings who convened and put this text together" in the 1920s and ‘30s. It was finally published in 1955. Belitsos stated that there was no known author or specific person who channeled the book. Presently, two groups are in charge of publishing and selling copies - The Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Fellowship.

Although there are Christian elements to the book, Belitsos says that it is not a Christian document, although the text does pick up on some of the prophecies given in the book of Revelation but makes them "less mystical" and more practical. He said that the last 700 pages of the book are based on the New Testament, but they "transcend the Bible and Christianity." Belitsos described one of the central tenets of the text -- the human soul is comprised of three elements which determine our spiritual life. One interesting aspect of the book is its descriptions of nearly countless other beings in the universe, their worlds, and even their governments. Belitsos ultimately stated that the Urantia Book "taught him to think more deeply" and that he is "committed to it."

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