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Economic Cycles/ Planet X

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In the first half, monetary expert Craig Smith discussed predicting market cycles and how vital it is to be prepared for the unexpected in today's fragile world. He believes that in the next few years a variety of negative cycles and patterns will converge similar to how they did in the market crash of 2008 (he has made a Crisis Timeline available). Within boom-boost economic cycles, there are 'Black Swan' events such as the 1929 stock market crash, and Black Friday in 1987, which come as a disastrous surprise, and sometimes originate in the political realm, he outlined.

We are headed into an "economic winter," he cautioned, and this time around instead of the banks being bailed out, they'll be "bailed in," which means our accounts will be frozen, and account holders will not always be able to withdraw funds when they want. He advised people not to be over-leveraged, and to live within their means. Smith suggested that tax cuts could spur economic growth, but by the end of 2019, there will be a major monetary crisis, as well as signs of a social crisis with the lessening of free speech.


Author and publisher Marshall Masters specializes in Planet X (Nibiru) and ancient prophecy research. He spoke about recent Nibiru observations (see related images), and a new Planet X theory he calls the 'Nemesis Cloud.' The Cloud, he explained, refers to a mini-constellation of objects behind the sun, which are tagging along with Planet X and its own small sun (Nemesis) as it's pulled in closer to us. This constellation, he believes, explains the forty days and forty nights deluge described in the biblical flood story.

The Nemesis Cloud is on a long elliptical orbit that goes way deep into the southern skies, and then pops up into the northern skies, which is when we're in trouble, said Masters, detailing a variety of cataclysmic events associated with it. He believes these celestial movements are related to Hopi Prophecy of a Red and Blue Kachina star. Concurring with Planet X researcher Bob Fletcher, Masters thinks martial law will be declared about six months before Planet X's flyby, and that the elite are preparing to move into underground facilities. It's possible that during the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st, Planet X will be visible in photographs, he added, though people should wear eye protection if they're attempting to view the event.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Steve Kates

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