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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants explained why this year's cycle of '1' is unfolding in such a crazy manner, how the '8' month of August is shaping up, and what to expect for the rest of the year. Looking at the date of the solar eclipse 8/21-- it was a double "3" day, she noted, and "3" promotes communication and making a fuss, so this relates to how the event became such a big deal across America. 2017, a "1" world number year, points toward competition, and this has been amplified in the "8" month of August, which has had many hard lessons unfolding, without any attempts at compromise, she observed.

President Trump's numerology gives insights into his actions and traits, which can sometimes be at odds with each other, McCants suggested. He was born on a "5" day, and the shadow side of that number is chaos, but he's a "4" lifepath, which is considered a builder, and in control; he has a "2" in his birth numbers, which indicates he wants to be loved, but he lashes out when people cross him, she cited. All numbers have positive associations, as well as a dark or shadow side that can affect people, she clarified. She also detailed how the vowels in a person's first name represent a number, and specific personality traits.


A leading authority on the application of psychedelic medicines or entheogens, and a professor of Religious Studies, Martin W. Ball, discussed the various ways cultures have explored different dimensions and realities, and how people can take control of their perceptions to lead a more fulfilling life. Entheogens are substances that alter consciousness, or create a religious state, and have a long history of usage in indigenous cultures, particularly with shamans. In such ancient cultures, entertainment, storytelling, spiritual experience, and religion are in some ways all part of the same package, he noted. In fact, one Amazonian shaman described the psyche altering plant, ayahuasca, as the "TV of the jungle," producing grand visions with rich narratives.

Ball has been working toward the idea of "entheogenic liberation" for people, to help them understand and see past their false sense of self, and imprisonment inside their egos. There is only one universal form of consciousness, he stated, and our egos with their specific sense of identity keep us from this realization. "The ego," he mused, "is kind of like an outfit of clothing that we become so accustomed to that we identity with the clothing that we're wearing, and then if we take it off, we become very uncomfortable," as we don't know who we are anymore. "When we identify too strongly with the character that we're playing," he continued, "rather than the universal consciousness that we are, that actually leads to all different kinds of suffering and confusion."

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Steve Kates

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