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Jimmy Church (email) was joined by Mel Fàbregas, host of The Veritas Show, for a discussion about UFOs and mysterious phenomena. "There are strange forces, whether good or bad, that are influencing me to do x, y, z things, and it's better for me to start listening," Fàbregas said about the importance of paying attention to synchronicities and discovering how they correlate to one's life. He shared a story about meeting a woman in Mexico who foretold his future with incredible accuracy and changed his life.

According to Fàbregas, it began with the security alarm at his home in Miami which sounded every night at 11:30 PM until it was eventually disabled. The 11:30 PM disturbances continued, however, with the banging of metal stairway railings, he revealed, noting that when he moved to Mexico the odd time-related incidents started there too. A woman he met on the job sensed his distress, borrowed his pocket pen, and the next morning told him things about his life that she could not have known, Fàbregas revealed. He credited her with telling him about the path that led to the development of his own show.

Fàbregas recalled the beginnings of The Veritas Show, and how he scored an interview with former fighter pilot Milton Torres to discuss his 1957 UFO incident. Next, he booked disclosure activist Stephen Bassett, and the rest was history. Fàbregas lamented how UFO/ET advocates are ridiculed by the mainstream media. "I wish [UFO/ET subjects] would be more common... this is a subject that should make people wonder," he said, adding it should be taught in college. Fàbregas suggested disclosure will happen slowly in order to gradually prepare the public for the reality of intelligent alien life.

Nazca Mummies Update

In the first hour, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner talked about the mysterious Nazca mummies. Weidner reported on three additional mummies discovered in the same area as the first mummy, known as Maria. The most bizarre aspect of the mummies is the high levels of Strontium in the bodies, he noted. Weidner expressed his trepidation about visiting Peru to examine the new mummies since the Peruvian Cultural Ministry is involved and he fears arrest and imprisonment. There are a total of seven mummies, some of which have three fingers and three toes, and two others which appear to be reptilian by anatomy and skin texture. "There is a humanoid reptilian species that once walked the face of this Earth," Weidner declared. He admitted DNA testing is incomplete but some results suggest the mummies are not fully human.

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