Supernatural Connections/ The Soul After Suicide

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Supernatural Connections/ The Soul After Suicide

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The author of nine books on religion and spirituality, Jim Willis had been an ordained minister for over forty years. But after a set of inspired events, he retired from active ministry, moved to the woods, and began to explore the "supernatural" unknown including heavenly messengers, miracles, dreams, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and other phenomena beyond the limits of the five senses. While our senses bring things in, they also filter things out, and "I'm convinced," he said, "that underneath what we call reality is a deeper reality...of energy and the quantum world. It all stems from what I call the source," and what the ancients referred to as the Akashic field of all potential.

Studying OBE techniques with William Buhlman at the Monroe Institute, Willis noted that there is a certain discipline and craft to achieving this state. Dealing with a variety of deathbed patients, he found that most people have put off thinking about their death to their detriment. He also spoke about the ancient study of earth energy, and ley lines (alignments in the land)-- after building their house, they discovered it was actually on a ley line. "We have built a medicine wheel on the ley line down below the house," he shared, "and it's really the focal point of many of my out-of-body experiences."


In the latter half, clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis, Dr. Joe Gallenberger discussed how he dealt with the suicide of his brother using tools learned at the Monroe Institute. He also updated his work on using mind power and psychic energy to affect and change our realities and luck. The world has traditionally held a dark view of suicide, in which the soul is condemned to hell. Considered one of the last taboos, it has become an epidemic health problem, and is the leading cause of death among the young, and war veterans.

Around 25 years ago, Gallenberger's brother Peter killed himself, and it threw his family into turmoil. Using his skills as a meditation trainer at the Monroe Institute, and help from a channeler, he was able to communicate with Peter from the Other Side, and find out how suicide victims are healed in a compassionate way. They are able to see what their life would have been like with different decisions, he explained, including if they'd stayed and completed their natural lifespan. Regarding his work in abundance creation, he suggested that higher energy states such as through meditation, and a sense of gratitude, put one in a better alignment with the universe for good things to happen.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, John M. Curtis, Lauren Weinstein

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