Dr. Joe Gallenberger

Dr. Joe Gallenberger


Dr. Joseph Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience as a therapist. In 1992 he began to investigate psychokinesis (PK), the ability to influence matter - using the energy of directed consciousness. This unique energy is useful in healing and manifestation. Gallenberger scientifically confirmed PK in university laboratories and has taught PK in over 150 workshops such as his Inner Vegas Adventure where students achieve dramatic healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many powerful manifestations at home. Gallenberger, a trainer for the past 26 years at The Monroe Institute, created its popular MC² program to teach PK, energy healing, and manifestation.




Past Shows:

  • Psychokinesis & Remote Viewing / UFOs Fact & Fiction

    Psychologist Joseph Gallenberger discussed the power of remote viewing, psychokinesis, and luck. Followed by ufologist Glenn Steckling sharing his conclusions on UFOs and ETs.More »
  • Power of Gratitude / Open Lines

    Clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger discussed finding light in the midst of darkness with the power of gratitude, and using psychic energy to effect and improve our circumstances. Followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Power of Gratitude / Wildlife & Bees

    Psychologist Joseph Gallenberger discussed the power and benefits of gratitude. Followed by C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones interviewing wildlife photographer David McChesney on the decline of bumblebees.More »
  • COVID & Inflammation / Psychokinesis & Luck

    Dr. David Hanscom shared methodologies for fending off COVID and alternative approaches to chronic pain. Followed by psychologist Joseph Gallenberger on his work using mind power and psychokinesis to improve luck and one's life.More »
  • Alternative Health / Psychokinesis & Manifestation

    Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches. Followed by psychologist Joseph Gallenberger with tips on using psychokinesis and manifestation.More »
  • Medical Algorithms / Psychic Energies

    Dr. Marilyn Singleton warned of the influence of technology on medical decisions. Followed by Joseph Gallenberger on psychokinesis and forgiveness.More »
  • Stand Your Ground Law/ PK & Mind Power

    Stewart Rhodes discussed the Stand Your Ground law and related subjects. Followed by Joseph Gallenberger on using psychokinesis and mind power.More »
  • Supernatural Connections/ The Soul After Suicide

    Author Jim Willis discussed his explorations into the "supernatural" and unknown. Followed by Dr. Joe Gallenberger with a spiritual look at suicide.More »
  • Mind & Heart/ Billy Meier Prophecies

    In the first half, clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger spoke about his work developing a program to raise the heart energy as a way to manifest healing and mind over matter. In the latter half, Michael Horn, spokesperson for UFO contactee Billy Meier, reported that...More »
  • Creating Luck / Millennials & Change

    Joining George Noory in the first half, clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger updated his work on what we can do to enhance our receptivity to luck and abundance. In the latter half, author, activist and world traveler, Jake Ducey, who at age 23 has become a...More »
  • EMP/ Powers of the Mind

    In the first half, Professor of History William Forstchen shared updates on the dangers of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, radiation, and solar storm issues. Third hour guest, clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger shared updates on how we can use our psychic...More »
  • Manifesting Luck / ET Communications

    In the first half, clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis, Joseph Gallenberger, updated his work on how we can manifest luck in our lives. He developed the "Liquid Luck" CD which features binaural beat technology that shifts brain wave patterns, and offers...More »
  • Mental Energy

    Clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis, Joseph Gallenberger, discussed how we can use psychic energy to effect and change our realities, and create the circumstances we need or want. First hour guest, author Jerome Corsi spoke about his new book Bad...More »

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Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
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