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Timetrak Predictions/  Demonology

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In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio discussed his "Merlin" software prediction technology, and its associated 'TimeTraks,' which are graphical snapshots of events and key figures on the world stage, based on their birth or start date (view here). Donald Trump's Timetrak shows a dramatic drop off by the end of this year, which suggests to Guercio that something major may alter the circumstances of his presidency.

He also offered analysis of the charts of Vladimir Putin, who shows a lull in 2018, and Kim Jung Un, whose chart remains active through 2019. Bernie Sanders, though in his 70s, has strong activity in his Timetrak through 2020, which leads Guercio to believe he will continue to play a strong role in the political field, possibly related to his recent health care proposal.


In the latter half, paranormal and occult researcher K.W. Kesler talked about his investigations, demonology, and the summoning of demons. Currently working with the Columbus, Ohio Researchers of the Paranormal and Supernatural (C.O.R.P.S.) group, he considers himself to be a demonologist, who seeks to help put people on the path to get negativity and evil out of their lives. When investigating a case he starts with trying to identify and explain the problem.

Interestingly, he determined that a devout Catholic family in Indiana, who was experiencing severe attacks, was actually being preyed upon by a demon that was in Egyptian in origin, so he found a 'Thelemic' (magick) practitioner to conduct a cleansing ritual that expelled the entity. Demons manifest in many different stripes and effective methods against them can employ a variety of positive religious symbols or practices, such as praising Allah instead of Jesus, he cited. Kesler noted that sometimes demons perform acts which could be considered positive, in the case of one who targets molesters and rapists, and conversely angels can sometimes do bad things.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Mish Shedlock

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