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9-11 Theories/ Energy Healing

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In the first half, Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, spoke about the destruction of three World Trade Center high rises on 9-11, and why 2,900 architects and engineers have found evidence for explosive controlled demolition and are calling for a new investigation. He recounted how he first became interested in the '9-11 Truth' movement in 2006 after he heard David Ray Griffin lecture on the topic. Gage said he was initially skeptical that the US government or elements within it along with the mainstream media would collude to deceive the public about what happened on 9-11, but eventually he concluded the attacks were a 'false flag' operation to lead the country into war.

The city of New York withheld information from the American people that there were explosions at the buildings even before the planes hit the towers, he stated. He finds the evidence particularly compelling that the 47-story Building 7 was detonated rather than destroyed by collateral damage from the Twin Towers. Inexplicable molten iron microspheres were consistently discovered in the residue of the WTC dust by FEMA and other groups, and this can only be explained as a by-product of the explosive thermite, he suggested. How were the bombs planted? Gage speculates it was covertly done during an "elevator modernization" project that took place in 2000.


In the latter half, pioneer of energy healing Richard Gordon discussed his latest methods and discoveries, and how consciousness interacts with human bodies. Gordon first became interested in this type of energy healing when he saw a demonstration of a technique of healer Robert Rasmussen, who linked his breathing and body awareness with that of his patients for amazing results. This process later became called quantum touch, he explained, and involves the healer raising their vibration, which the patient matches, and this then kicks in their natural ability to heal themselves or reduce pain.

Dr. Norman Shealy, the founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association had Gordon test his technique on some of his most intractable pain patients, with some impressive successes, including bones actually being realigned, he reported. Gordon has concluded that the power of consciousness, when it is mobilized through something like prayer or the sending out of love and compassion, can have a discernible physical impact that can actually be measured.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Scott Stevens, Steve Kates

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