Natural Health/ NDEs & Spirit Communications

Natural Health/ NDEs & Spirit Communications


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Joel Wallach, Linda Salvin

In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed alternative health approaches, and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. Regarding contaminants in the soil, which are common in mining areas, certain supplements are good counteractants, such as selenium for mercury, and calcium for lead, he cited. He characterized the neurodegenerative disease Parkinson's, as a deficiency of the white matter of the brain, and in addition to taking various CriticalHealth supplements like the Healthy Brain & Heart Pak, he recommended eating lots of eggs, butter, and cheese.

Speaking of the mysterious deaths of naturopathic or alternative doctors, Wallach speculated that the ones who were found shot, may have been writing prescriptions for medical marijuana and interfering with the illegal drug trade. For low thyroid, he suggested avoiding cruciferous vegetables because they can interfere with thyroid function. Plain gelatin, he added, is high in collagen which is helpful for maintenance and repair of bones, cartilage, and vertebrae.


With a PhD in metaphysics and a lifetime of bizarre experiences, psychic Linda Salvin talked about near-death experiences (NDEs), her involvement with the newly released remake of the movie Flatliners, as well as her work communicating with the Other Side. In 1981, she experienced a premonition, sensing that the plane she was about to board had a crack in it. This however didn't stop her from boarding it, and the plane ended up cracking in half while in midair, and crash landing at John Wayne Airport, she recalled. As she ran on a field near the plane, she had an out-of-body experience, seeing the scene from 50 ft. off the ground.

Another NDE occurred to her during a car accident in 1984. She was able to lend her expertise to the new version of Flatliners, which depicts doctors stopping their hearts for short periods in order to experience glimpses of the afterlife. "I believe death is just the next step after life, " Salvin commented. "We all reincarnate...and we come back time and time again to get it right." She detailed the "walk-in" phenomenon, which happens when someone is close to death or very ill and a soul exchange takes place. During the last hour, she gave short readings for callers.

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