Sound Blasts, Half Cats, & UFOs

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Sound Blasts, Half Cats, & UFOs

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared reports of light blasts and ground shaking phenomena, bloodless half cats, a catastrophic breeding event for Adelie penguins, and UFOs that may masquerade as stars.

In Cairns, Australia, on October 7, 2017, police received multiple reports of a bright flash of light that filled the night sky and was followed by an "ear-splitting" explosion that shook houses. But no one could pinpoint the cause of the light blast and ground shaking phenomena. About thirteen hours later in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, residents called 911 about a huge boom sound that shook houses there, too. Police investigations have not been able to find a cause there either. Linda spoke with Australian witness "Rebecca," and Lt. Steve Osborne of the Winston-Salem PD to get their first hand accounts. More here.

More bloodless half cats have been reported both in Spokane, Washington, and the Greater London region of England. Between August and October 2017, four different cats in Spokane were found bloodlessly cut in half with either the front half or back half missing. While 25 miles northwest of London, in St. Albans, a pet rabbit was found dead and bloodlessly beheaded inside its locked hutch. Tony Jenkins, the co-founder of SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty) talked about the strange incident with the rabbit, as well as other half cat cases in the area.

For the second time in four years, Adelie penguins in East Antarctica have suffered what scientists call a "catastrophic breeding event." In a colony of 40,000 penguins on Petrels Island in the Terre Adelie region, only two chicks survived this year. Scientists have confirmed thousands of chicks starved to death and many eggs never hatched. In her interview with Rod Downie, of the WWF UK Polar Program, he explained that the issue had to do with variations in sea ice, and that while climate change is a factor, there are also natural variations in the Antarctic environment that affect the creatures. More here.

A retired police officer who lives in Walden, New York, received some iPhone videotape last November 2016, from his daughter, who saw a "bright star" in the night sky start flashing in a rhythm and decided to film it for about 15 minutes. Her father took some of the iPhone video frames to enlarge the "star" and was stunned to see a black disc silhouette extending on either side of the "bright star." Linda interviewed both the daughter, Laurie Velez, as well as her father, Tony Velez, who also revealed a dramatic experience from 1989, when he was patrolling New York's Taconic Parkway, and saw a football-field-sized aerial craft suddenly appear. Further info.

Predictions for the Year Ahead

In the first hour, psychic Joseph Jacobs returned to talk about his latest work and make predictions for the year ahead. Between now and December 7th, we could see a lot of legal issues arise, while the time between January 9th and July 3rd will be a particularly difficult one for the United States in many ways, in terms of the economy and health/health insurance. President Trump, he continued, is also going through a difficult time January 9th through April 22nd. The period of January through March, he added, will bring a heavy winter for the US, with the possibility of widespread illness.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Lauren Weinstein, Catherine Austin Fitts

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