Prophecy Update/ Fatima Miracle

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Prophecy Update/ Fatima Miracle

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In the first half, astrologer and prophecy expert John Hogue returned to update his predictions. He started the program with a statement that he was predicting present world events when they were still "over the horizon" two decades ago. Hogue believes that the psychic nature of the world is in the midst of what he calls a “mind plague” and that the next decade will be one of the most challenging in human history. He characterized it as being either a collective “nervous breakdown or it may be a nervous breakthrough.” As for the North Korean situation, Hogue thinks that the US needs to understand the motivations and issues from that country's perspective in order to de-escalate the growing tension, and that we also need to see the situation from the perspective of the South Koreans, who he says are just as scared of President Trump as the North.

He declared that China and Russia have actually been attempting to de-escalate the situation and that they “are ready to help.” Hogue says he is about to release a book on the Russian hacking scandal that claims that what has been reported in the media is hearsay and not based on any “actionable intelligence” data. He thinks that it was not the Russians who sabotaged the Clinton campaign, “but Hillary Clinton herself.” Thomas from California asked Hogue about the possibility of UFO disclosure, and he answered that he believes the next generation of telescopes will reveal evidence of artificial lights on other planets, and that this “will be the catalyst for this change” of humans realizing that there is other life in the universe.


In part two, a Catholic priest who has published numerous articles on the apparitions in Fatima, Fr. Sean Connolly, discussed the event from the Catholic perspective, as well as other similar events such the miracles caused by bathing from the spring waters at Lourdes, France. He was quick to point out that there are two types of revelations in the Catholic faith: Public and Private. The Public is what is approved by the Church and is required belief for all Catholics. The Private category is represented by events like the Fatima miracle - After officials from the Church examine any claims of personal revelations, the claims must support the Public stance to be declared authentic. After extensive investigation over decades, the Fatima visions were approved by the Catholic authorities.

Connolly reminded the listeners that the children who were the main witnesses at Fatima were threatened with death by the local government, but still stuck to their stories. He said that this was excellent evidence that it is "harder to prove that it was a made up case than it is to prove that it is authentic.” The last of the three witnesses to the Fatima visions, Lucia Santos, passed away in 2005 at the age of 97. In 1941, she revealed the first two of three secrets that she claimed were given to her by the vision. The third was finally revealed in 2000 and concerned a vision of death and destruction which is still a subject of controversy. Connolly does not believe that the Fatima phenomena of a "silver disc,” which appeared to a crowd of 70,000 witnesses on October 13, 1917, was a UFO. He concluded that "the Lord is very generous to us in this skeptical age.” Connolly also recounted a story of the misuse of a communion host for a black magic spell which began to bleed when it was secretly removed from a church.

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