Ancient Aliens & 'Old Gods'/ UFOs & the Staff of Moses

Ancient Aliens & 'Old Gods'/ UFOs & the Staff of Moses


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDerek Gilbert, Josh Peck, David B. Sereda

Derek P. Gilbert hosts SkyWatchTV, a weekly discussion of prophecy, discoveries, and the supernatural, and Josh Peck is an avid researcher of fringe topics and works in full-time ministry at SkyWatchTV. In the first half, they discussed different notions of ETs, their connection to the 'old gods,' the UFO disclosure movement, and the ancient alien hypothesis. My current understanding of the phenomenon, said Peck, is that aliens or ETs are interdimensional or extra-dimensional in nature, and could be thought of as supernatural beings, akin to the fallen angels spoken of in Genesis. Gilbert reported that the US intelligence community has been heavily involved in some of the better known UFO cases, and was active in trying to mislead the public about what it knows.

Both occultist Aleister Crowley and horror author H.P. Lovecraft played key roles in the modern "ancient aliens" theory, suggested Gilbert, and they may have been channeling the same supernatural entity to arrive at their conclusions. In a number of Lovecraft's works, he presented the idea that old gods, like "Cthulhu" created human society, as well as megalithic structures we still can't explain today. Supernatural beings are not wispy, ethereal entities, but could be conceived of as more solid and physical than humans, noted Peck, and they aren't visiting from another star system but have been here on Earth alongside us since the beginning, added Gilbert.


In the latter half, filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda shared updates on what may have been an ET attack and cover-up, as well as research into the Staff of Moses, as a kind of antenna to God. There is photographic evidence that the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, on February 1, 2003, was the direct result of a super fast, physics-defying missile, he asserted. While NASA theorized the shuttle was hit by "mega-lightning," Sereda has concluded they're covering up the truth that it was hit by an unknown "weapon" traveling at some 64,000 mph, which turned nearly 90 degrees to course correct in order to hit it. No known missile or craft of any kind can turn at 90 degrees and even survive the turn, he noted.

Regarding UFO technology, the Roswell saucer reportedly had no motor or drive, but its container enabled antigravity, as well as "quantum tunneling," Sereda detailed. The Staff of Moses, he explained, operated at a specific frequency that allowed Moses to communicate with his God as well as conduct miracles. The Staff, he continued, were also used by Jesus and his twelve disciples in order to stay in touch when they were in different locations. Twelve of the Staff were laid inside the Ark of the Covenant, and acted as transmitters and were charged by the Ark, he said, adding that the Ark's frequencies were actually tuned to the Great Pyramid.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, John Curtis



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