GMO Dangers/ Alien Encounters & Consciousness

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GMO Dangers/ Alien Encounters & Consciousness

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In the first half, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and a leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith talked about the epic battlefronts on the war for GMOs including the use of faulty science and cover-ups to hide the many health conditions which are improved when patients switch to non-GMO diets. The majority of corn and soy are genetically engineered in the US to be sprayed with Roundup herbicide (glyphosate), and the residues it leaves in foods may lead to numerous diseases and ailments, he stated. The insecticide Bt-toxin used on GM corn can cause immune system problems, and leaky gut, he added (further info in a recent paper by Smith).

Interestingly, he reported that "super-weeds" are starting to outsmart Monsanto (the makers of Roundup), in the way that antibiotic overuse has limited drugs' effectiveness against infections. Smith also expressed concern with recent developments in gene editing, and a controversial form of genetic engineering called gene drives, which can alter or even wipe out entire species. The Cayman Islands, he noted, approved the island-wide release of a genetically engineered mosquito. For more, check out video interviews, and trailer for Smith and Amy Hart's new documentary Secret Ingredients.


Robert Davis graduated with a Ph.D. in sensory neurosciences from Ohio State University and served as a professor for over thirty years. In the latter half, he discussed his research with individuals who claim to have had interactions with non-human intelligences associated with UFOs, and near-death experiences, as well as the distinction between consciousness and the brain. It's possible that consciousness is part of universal law, a kind of physical aspect that exists independently of the brain, he explained. Quantum physicists are discovering that there are quantum processes occurring in the brain, and these may give rise to consciousness and "torsion energy which might extend beyond the body and interact with the universe," Davis continued.

He recommended more research and experiments on "non-local intuitive perceptions, which is essentially implying that communication can occur along invisible pathways." Contacts with alien or spiritual entities are generally considered positive experiences by most people, he reported, and have lasting beneficial effects, such as increasing one's sense of inner peace. The entities people encounter range in appearance, and some he classified as "non-physical" or energy beings. Davis also talked about research into past lives by Dr. Ian Stevenson, who studied curious cases of young children who had distinct recall of previous lives.

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