Secret Drug Conspiracy / Psychic Sleuthing

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Secret Drug Conspiracy / Psychic Sleuthing

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Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, author and researcher John Potash detailed how a group of opium-trafficking families came to form an American oligarchy and eventually achieved global dominance as they directed the CIA in operations such as MK-Ultra to push LSD and other drugs on leftist leaders and left-leaning populations at home and abroad. Potash began with an examination of the John Lennon assassination, saying that the accused killer, Mark David Chapman, had been trained by CIA handlers to learn how to shoot a gun accurately, and had been a patient at a mental health facility known to have direct Agency connections. He also claimed that the doorman at the building where Lennon was killed was a CIA operative who had been involved with the Watergate break-in, as well as the Bay Of Pigs invasion. Potash and Richard drew parallels between the Lennon and RFK assassinations, such as the evidence of possible mind control and second shooters.

Potash said that the CIA sent a raft of agents and "a ton of LSD" to the UK in 1965 in order to popularize the drug amongst the pop culture and especially the artists and musicians at the time. He believes that the drug did not open up perceptions, but instead "generally made people less competent" and less likely able to promote left wing causes effectively. He also said that there is strong evidence that Jimi Hendrix was murdered when he fired his manager who was a British secret agent and that Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones was drowned in his swimming pool when intel agents learned he was openly turning away from psychedelic drugs.


In part two, psychic medium, trained astrologer, and modern-day metaphysician, Sloan Bella returned for an update on her most recent work and predictions along with her work solving and laying the groundwork of the circumstances on a series of mysterious high profile celebrity deaths. Bella said she ran away from home at age 12 just after the spirit of late musician Jimi Hendrix began communicating with her. She didn’t realize it was Hendrix until many years later, when she heard a band covering his music and realized who the spirit was. "I thought he was just my pretend friend," Bella recalled.

She also described what she has sensed as the spirit of Nirvana founder Kurt Cobain and her impression that he "took his own life not of his free will." Bella believes the musician was manipulated by unstable forces which caused him to commit suicide. Bella also spoke about her interactions with late model/ actress Anna Nicole Smith and the strange premonitions she received about the cause of her death. For many years, she has also worked with police on missing persons cases, who she said for the most part "come to you on their own" in order to avoid publicity, and that most of the law enforcement who seek her out are detectives. She says her abilities make her feel like she is "useful on this planet." In the last hour, Bella gave live readings for callers.

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