Secret Space Programs / Cancer Cure Coverup

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Secret Space Programs / Cancer Cure Coverup

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During the first half of the program, guest host Richard Syrett was joined by First Class Space Agency founder Billy Carson, who along with fellow members of United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH), has tracked numerous space anomalies which may provide evidence for past and current civilizations on planets and moons in our solar system. Carson discussed what he has uncovered from his industry insider work as well as from his new original series, Deep Space, in which he explores ancient aliens, UFO technology, and secret space programs.

Carson commented on the X-37B space plane and what it could be doing on its long duration clandestine missions. "It looks like they could be taking supplies to Mars," he speculated, adding it is likely for building infrastructure on the Red Planet ahead of arrival by colonists such as SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Carson detailed an anomalous object known as the Black Knight satellite which could be of extraterrestrial origin. The object is 15 tons, in a near-polar orbit, and has been known to change its flight path, he revealed. The Black Knight satellite was photographed by an STS mission and has likely been known to NASA since the 1960s, he added.

According to Carson, technology exists that is 300 years ahead of what the general population has seen. The advanced tech is the product of decades of work by secret space programs, which are themselves the product of seeing what the Nazis had accomplished at their base in Antarctica, he explained, noting the Nazis were testing UFO-type craft in 1935. Carson suggested NASA has blood on its hands for allowing scientists and astronauts to pursue technology we essentially do not need. "The industrial-military complex and the people that make the top decisions about the economies of the world do not want the general population knowing about anti-gravitics, free energy, zero-point energy... because it would destroy their fundamental basis of income and mental and physical enslavement of the human race," he said.


In the latter half of the show, award-winning playwright Luke Yankee talked about the life and mysterious death of Dr. Max Gerson, a pioneer in the world of natural healing who created an all-natural dietary-based cancer treatment he claimed could cure cancer. Gerson developed a strict regimen of fruit and vegetable juicing and coffee enemas to help cure his migraines and utilized this new therapy to treat other diseases, including cancer, he explained. "[Gerson] cured over 50 people in the late 40s and early 50s of cancer, of tuberculosis, of these diseases that were considered terminal," Yankee said. Among the people Gerson Therapy helped were Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his wife, who were cured of diseases that were thought incurable, he added.

The medical establishment tried to discredit him in any way they could as Gerson also spoke out against smoking, Yankee continued, noting global cigarette and tobacco company Philip Morris sponsored The Journal of the American Medical Association at that time. High-level forces in the pharmaceutical and cancer industries hired a woman to act as Gerson's secretary in order to sabotage a book he was writing on how his dietary-based therapy cured cancer, he revealed. "The traditional medical community was not thrilled about this because there is no way to patent carrot juice, there's no way to patent a coffee enema," Yankee said. The woman stole the manuscript and Gerson attempted to rewrite it himself but died before he finished. According to Yankee, though the official cause of death is listed as lung cancer, Gerson died of arsenic poisoning.

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