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Astrology and the Market / Soil Revolution

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Professional astrologer Linda Schurman and macrotrend analyst Richard Spitzer met via their mutual interest in predicting the future and discovered that their differing methods yielded similar results. In the first half, they explained how social, economic, technological, and environmental forces influencing our lives are converging, and humanity is increasingly facing a choice of evolution or extinction. "We need to come to a recognition," said Schurman, "that rather than commodifying and...stomping all over the natural environment...we have to see ourselves as an extension or part of this biological web," and end our predatory ways.

Spitzer echoed Schurman's concerns over global chaos, emphasizing issues around information security, and cyber attacks. We're at an environmental tipping point, he continued, yet surprisingly business and industry may be the ones to turn things around, if only to keep their enterprises afloat. Sharing some astrological forecasts, Schurman noted that Saturn is aligned with the galactic center, and historically this is the time of a stock market crash or correction. "Japan," she cited, "is coming into a very difficult cycle next year," with Pluto in a challenging part of its chart. The month of May 2018, she predicted, will see some type of major hacking or cybersecurity breach, during a Mars-Uranus squaring.


Josh Tickell is a journalist, activist, author, and award-winning film director whose movies have been viewed by over 50 million people worldwide. His first book, "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank," jump-started the biodiesel movement and raised billions of dollars for the algae fuel industry. In the latter half, he discussed the remarkable power that soil has over the health of humans as well as the entire planet, and how it's been degraded through farming practices. The truth is that the "green revolution" that brought us GMOs, chemical sprays and oceans of corn and soy has backfired-- since 1980 when it started, we have lost 1/3 of Earth's arable (farmable) land, he revealed.

He warned that of Earth's current land mass, about two-thirds is rapidly "desertifying," a term that refers to the man-made process of turning fertile land to desert. Further, extreme weather and storms are associated with the imbalance of water and temperature related to the poor soil. We could restore and regenerate soil and deserts in just 3-5 years, using the intelligence of modern agriculture in concert with nature, he said. This means not tilling the soil or using harsh chemicals, but instead implementing cover crops and animals in the right way, which can bring the topsoil back quickly, Tickell detailed.

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman, John Curtis

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