Russiagate Saga / Mysterious Oumuamua

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Russiagate Saga / Mysterious Oumuamua

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In the first half, Stephen F. Cohen, a Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, spoke about weakening US-Russia relations, and Vladimir Putin and his role in the "Russiagate" saga. The allegations of "Russiagate" are that in 2016, President Putin ordered his intelligence services to hack the email servers of the Democratic party. Damaging info was then disseminated through WikiLeaks in order harm Clinton's campaign and help Trump's. The second allegation is that Trump and/or his associates were aware of this attack and colluded with them. "I find no evidence for any of these allegations whatsoever," Cohen commented. "However, I think Russiagate has become the number one national security threat to the United States."

The US is in a 'Cold War' with Russia that's more dangerous than the first one, he continued, with Syria, Ukraine, and the Baltic region hot spots of concern. Cohen finds it reckless for the political-media establishment to insist that we are at war with the other major nuclear super power, and the demonization of Putin creates an unnecessarily hostile climate. Instead, he believes we should be collaborating with Russia to fight ISIS and international terrorist organizations, which may be in pursuit of radioactive materials to add to their explosives. For more, see this recent commentary Cohen wrote for The Nation.


In the latter half, ufologist Stanton Friedman talked about the mysterious "Oumuamua," a cigar-shaped asteroid that passed by Earth last month, and some have speculated may be an alien probe. The pictures depicted of the object are an artist's concept, he pointed out, so we don't know exactly what it looks like. "It's interesting because we haven't picked up something like this before," he commented. Oumuamua is moving at a very high speed, and has an unusual shape that resembles descriptions of UFO motherships in some past cases, he noted.

The object is rotating oddly, part of the time presenting a broad face, then a smaller face. It's characterized as metallic or rocky, about 1,300 ft. long, and was initially discovered in October, Friedman reported. It's not from our solar system, and may be the result of some type of collision. We are listening for any radio signals coming from the object, he added. Friedman also talked about aspects of the Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction case. In April, he'll be participating in a live debate with skeptic Michael Shermer in Vancouver, BC on the question: Has Earth been visited by extraterrestrials?

News segment guest: Catherine Austin Fitts

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