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Modern Spirituality / Animal Communication

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In the first half, author specializing in religion, spirituality, and culture, Ptolemy Tompkins, discussed why in the midst of this darkness there are reasons for optimism and why this time, right now, is the best moment in perhaps all of history. Tompkins argued that while the world seems to be falling apart, there's a concurrent narrative for what it means to be human-- a breaking apart of old ways of looking at things.

"We're stepping into a new world," he continued. "Our interior definition of the world is falling apart...and we are one step closer to the breakthrough, to the point where we will start living in a world we should have started living in a century ago." He talked about the notion of proof as applied to unusual spiritual states and experiences, which he's explored in three books: Proof of Heaven (with Eben Alexander), Proof of God (with Bernard Haisch), and Proof of Angels (with Tyler Beddoes).


Former Deputy Sheriff in Bailey, Colorado, Karen Anderson experienced heightened awareness dealing with life-threatening situations while on patrol. During this time she re-discovered her childhood gift of animal communication and has been helping others to bridge the divide and understand the mind of animals and even ones that are deceased. In the latter half, she detailed instances of animal communications and contact both from living creatures and those on the Other Side. In a memorable law enforcement case, while trying to locate a suspect in a domestic abuse incident, she saw a small cat in the yard walk over to a storage shed. The cat looked at the shed, then at Anderson, and moments later she heard the word "inside." When she went to investigate, the suspect turned out to be hiding in the shed.

In her work, Anderson has discovered that clients often get the greatest relief from grief by hearing messages from their pets that have passed on. One of the biggest misconceptions, she explained, is that deceased pets are no longer with us-- the communiques (which are sometimes seen as images) often indicate they're keeping an eye on their former owner and home situation. Pets don't hold grudges, are very forgiving, and are not resentful of their owners' decision to put them to sleep, she added. In trying to send a communication to a deceased or living pet, she suggested formulating a message in your mind, such as one of love, and then "click and send" like an email through space and time. Imagine the message landing right on them, "and then be ready for them to send you a response."

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