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Pentagon's UFO Program/ Dreams & the Spirit Realm

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In the first half, retired U.K. Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope discussed the latest developments in the NY Times report that uncovered a secret $22 million government UFO investigation run by the Pentagon from 2007 to 2012. Exploring "anomalous aerospace threats" the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was organized by former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada. The Times story was featured on the front page of their Sunday, December 17th print edition, and was subsequently picked up by other prominent media outlets such as the Washington Post, Politico, and the BBC. The most significant revelation to Pope was that the US government had denied for years that it was actively investigating UFOs, and this turned out to be false.

"I don't think there's ever a time," he remarked, "that the government, the Air Force would have stopped looking at anomalous phenomena in US airspace." Other research was piggybacked into the funding to make it appear that their interest was not strictly about UFOs, he explained, such as possible secret prototype drones or technology of foreign countries, and "atmospheric plasma phenomena...that science doesn't yet understand." The central player in the news story, Luis Elizondo, is a former Pentagon official who confirmed the revelation, while Robert Bigelow, the aerospace entrepreneur was the one who won the contract to conduct the Pentagon's study. Just as how the private sector has become the driving force in space research and development, we are now seeing that in UFO investigations as well, Pope reflected.


Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice for more than 30 years, treating thousands of clients, Doris E. Cohen, Ph.D., uses hypnotherapy, past-life regressions, and dream analysis as tools for treatment. A communicator with guides and 'angels of the light,' she addressed how dreams are a valuable asset for connecting with not only the subconscious mind but the spirit realm and important messages from the cosmos. To have better recall of one's dreams, she advised recording them as soon as you awaken, otherwise, they will quickly fade from memory. Cohen explained she has a spiritual guide that accompanies her in dreams, as well as guides that assist her in dream interpretation for clients.

Dreams are a communication from the unconscious about one's self, she said, and they use a language of personal symbols as a vehicle to convey meanings and explore feelings. Night terrors, which children sometimes experience, can arise from past lives, or if there is currently abuse of some kind in the home, she cited. Recurring dreams, she added, are like your unconscious knocking on your door to pay attention to something, and if you don't, that's why the dream keeps coming back. Cohen also talked about people's nightmares, such as the appearance of dark spirits like Satan. She sometimes works with clients to re-enter these dark dreams and asks them to call upon loving angels of the light to help.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts / Craig Hulet / Guest podcaster: Char Margolis

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