Biofeedback Technology/ Raising Consciousness

Hosted byDave Schrader

Biofeedback Technology/ Raising Consciousness

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Dr. James V. Hardt, President and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss how people can change their lives through Biocybernaut Alpha Feedback, experiencing powerful new bursts of creativity, emotional renewal, and even spiritual epiphanies. Hardt shared his own experiences with early biofeedback technology which allowed him to travel out-of-body, fly around the universe, and encounter discorporate beings. There is a certain brainwave pattern that allows one to see angels and other astral plane beings, he revealed.

"If somebody even just doubles their initial resting baseline, they will live in a profoundly altered reality", Hardt continued. The Biocybernaut Alpha Feedback technology uses audio tones to indicate by volume the strength of an alpha brainwave, as well as a kind of amplification system that increases alpha activity, he explained. The system does not stimulate the brain at all, it only feeds back on activity the brain is naturally producing, Hardt added.

According to Hardt, his feedback system allows the brain to make more alpha waves, which in turn can instantly reduce anxiety and provide a host of other benefits."When you can voluntarily change your brainwaves, you can evolve very quickly into a much happier better adjusted personality with greater skills and abilities," he said. Hardt also claimed his shared feedback program can enable telepathic connections between people.


During the latter half of the program, Alan Steinfeld, a writer, producer and speaker in the fields of human potential, metaphysics, conscious evolution, spiritual awakening, and cosmic intelligence. He shared Aboriginal knowledge about the end of time, our cosmic origins as a species, and the power of creativity to raise new levels of consciousness.

"I feel our true purpose of incarnating is to make known the unknown, to discover more of the potential that lies in all of us, and we do that through our creative impulse," Steinfeld said. Tapping into our creativity takes us to a place beyond the logical mind where thoughts seemingly appear from nowhere, he added. There are things that appear in the place between waking and sleeping that do come from outside the mind, he disclosed.

"We are the observers of this reality," Steinfeld said, noting how we must reorient our understanding of reality and reconnect with who we really are by tuning into the non-local mind or consciousness. According to Steinfeld, reality is what we feel is out there, and it can be personal and subjective. In order to manifest reality one must change his or her experience of the world since reality is created in the feeling state, he explained.

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