Jim Hardt

Jim Hardt


Dr. James V. Hardt serves as the president and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, Inc. He holds a B.S. in physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University and he has done post-doctoral training in psychophysiology at the Langley-Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute at University of California at San Francisco. He was also an assistant professor of medical psychology in the Psychiatry Department of UCSF. Dr. Hardt has earned a national reputation as a preeminent research scientist for his over 30 years of work in biofeedback and reversing important aspects of aging in the brain. He regularly presents at numerous prestigious national and international meetings and has published in leading scholarly journals such as Science, Psychophysiology, and Journal of Experimental Psychology.



Past Shows:

  • UAP Skepticism / Brainwaves & Forgiveness

    Author and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, Michael Shermer, discussed why he doubts the evidence presented about UFOs and UAPs. Followed by James V. Hardt, founder of Biocybernaut Institute, on the role of forgiveness in increasing alpha brainwaves and well-being.More »
  • Alien Symbols / Forgiveness & Brain Waves

    Author Steve Quayle updated his work on alien symbols and glyphs, and outlined his theory of the role of aliens in human history. Followed by James V. Hardt, who discussed genuine forgiveness and its connection to alpha brain waves.More »
  • Declassified UFO Documents / Biocybernaut Research

    John Greenewaldtalked about UFO documents and his Black Vault project. Followed by James V. Hardt on his alpha brain wave training.More »
  • Biofeedback Technology/ Raising Consciousness

    James V. Hardt discussed how his feedback technology changes the brain. Alan Steinfeld revealed how we can raise to new levels of consciousness.More »
  • UFOs, Space Planes, & Snakes

    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the Pentagon's first robotic space plane, the serious decline of snake populations, and a UFO incident at Whiteman Air Force Base. First half-hour guest, Dr. James Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute commented on new...More »
  • The Power of Alpha Waves

    Psychologist Dr. Jim Hardt joined the program to discuss his work mapping the brain and how it correlates with advanced spiritual states and moods. He also shared methods to increase the highly desirable alpha brain waves. Hardt stressed the significance of alpha brain waves...More »
  • Brain Waves & Biofeedback

    Dr. Jim Hardt returned for a discussion of the biofeedback technology practiced at his Biocybernaut Institute. Certain types of brain waves, which a participant can be trained to increase, are associated with spiritual states, he explained.More »
  • Biofeedback & Alpha Waves

    Dr. Jim Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute discussed their biofeedback technology which he said can lead to altered states of consciousness and increased functioning. "A biocybernaut is to inner space as to what an astronaut is to outer space," he explained.More »

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