Peruvian Skulls/ Paranormal Apps

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Peruvian Skulls/ Paranormal Apps

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Author and filmmaker L.A. Marzulli joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to report on his research into the Peruvian elongated skulls (Related images). DNA testing has been done by the Paleo-DNA Laboratory in Canada and two other labs that wish to remain anonymous, Marzulli explained. Very little nuclear DNA has been found as it is difficult to get from ancient remains but mitochondrial DNA has been successfully extracted from the skulls, he continued, noting how this finding may allow his team to determine the skulls' origin.

Marzulli will present results from the DNA testing at a February 2, 2018 press conference. The research has taken five years so far and more than 50 samples have been tested, he reported. Great precautions were taken to prevent contamination, he added. According to Marzulli, DNA as well as morphological differences in the skulls point to a new species. He suggested the DNA results will show a connection to the ancient Nephalim tribes mentioned in the Torah and other ancient texts, and prove definitively the people to whom the Peruvian skulls belong came from the Middle East.


Followed in the latter half by senior level technologist and Silicon Valley veteran Anthony F. Sanchez, who talked about his company's software tools and apps for ghost hunters and those who wish to communicate with spirits on the other side. "I'm technically ghost hunting when I'm testing the apps that I make, and I tend to stir up trouble in my own home," he said, recalling the time when an electronic R2D2 toy robot came to life on its own. Sanchez admitted his house has required cleansings to get rid of unwanted entities.

According to Sanchez, anyone can use his apps to hunt for ghosts but precautions need to be taken as dark entities can enter into one's life and home during Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC). Sanchez pointed out his apps are the only ones on the market utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology to scan radio frequencies over the UHF range. He shared a story about using his PARASCAPE Q3 MARK II app in a house where a suicide had taken place and the name "Sidney" kept coming through the Q3 meter. Sanchez suggested the name may refer to a person or the Australian city.

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