ETs in the Light Spectrum

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ETs in the Light Spectrum

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William Lawrence (Related images) joined Connie Willis (email) to discuss how he initially developed a form of photography which he believes detects alien beings in the visible light spectrum. Lawrence detailed the process which involves shooting photos with his laptop's webcam through a water bottle lens that's refracting light onto a piece of carbon steel. "I was reviewing those photograph when I [saw] things that didn't look like they should be in the image," he said. According to Lawrence, in an early 2009 experiment he captured several scenes, including a woman opening the gate to a cemetery, a Native American man crossing a creek, and Army solder with a bazooka strapped to his back, and a female alien being.

Lawrence duplicated the experiment in 2015 and the results were the same—beings appeared within the refracted light. Multiple shots taken in succession show the beings move into and out of the frame, he explained, noting how it's likely they know he's photographing them. "I'm one hundred percent positive that they knew instantly because if you notice in the photographs, they're looking into the camera," he said. Lawrence described how enormous amounts of data can be carried in the visible light frequency range, and how various governments agencies are using the frequency to communicate. He suggested the beings he has captured are using a form of quantum teleportation. "They're able to manipulate the light regardless of where they are at," he revealed.

World's First Cryptocurrency Bank

First hour guest, Jared Rice Sr., founder of the world's first decentralized cryptocurrency bank, reported on recent happenings with his company. According to Rice, armed government agents stormed his property yesterday, along with the SEC and a court-appointed receiver who seized all of the assets of AriseBank. Rice believes there is a lack of understanding about what his bank actually does and what services he has promised to clients. "I think they thought that... we were fooling investors, or something of that nature, into thinking that all of these [services] were already available," he said. Rice suggested the powers-that-be do not have an adequate understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain, or what a cryptocurrency "bank" should look like. "We're proud of where we're at, you know, we're ready to fight this," he added.

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