Ancient Stone Circles/ Lucid Dreaming

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Ancient Stone Circles/ Lucid Dreaming

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Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger has for almost 30 years, delved into science, the cosmos, and the origins of humankind. In the first half, he discussed his research and decoding of stone circles and their remarkable functions. There are a massive number of ancient stone circles found in South Africa, and Zimbabwe, which date back at least 300,000 years. The circles vary in size from 15 feet across to 450 ft. and Tellinger believes they originally functioned as machines to generate energy, and they've actually never stopped working. The machines, he added, did not work in isolation but were interconnected by channels, and may have been used for climate and atmospheric manipulation and terraforming, as well as energy for gold mining by the Anunnaki.

The subtle energies and sound frequencies of the earth are amplified through the stones, he continued. Conical and donut-shaped stones were powerful tools that could create scalar waves and were possibly used for levitation efforts, Tellinger suggested. There are also reports that contact with the ancient stone circles has a healing effect on people with serious illnesses, he noted.


In the latter half, former neuroscience researcher at the University of Southern California, David Jay Brown, talked about lucid dreams, offering practical suggestions on how to achieve them, and what to explore while in one. A lucid dream differs from an ordinary dream in that the dreamer is aware they're in a dream. There are different induction techniques such as doing reality checks throughout the waking day, improving your recall of ordinary dreams (usually through a dream journal), or taking specific herbs that are associated with lucid dreams (Brown recommended Velvet Bean and Mulungu).

Lucid dreaming can be used as a creative tool, he said, citing instances where authors were able to experiment with character development and plot narrative, and artists could garner images from a dream gallery, or travel into their paintings like a portal. There are also spiritual aspects to lucid dreaming such as interacting with the deceased, or using the dream as an oracle-- "I simply turned my head to the sky," Brown explained, "and asked the dream itself a question. And the dream itself more than likely will respond." He also reported that at the Max Planck Institute in Germany they have developed a technique for lucid dreaming on command via transcranial electrical brain stimulation. Eventually, he foresees a version of this technology available via a special headband that works with an app on your phone.

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