Secret Door XVIII

Secret Door XVIII


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn Alexander, Chase Kloetzke, Marc Zicree, James Paris

Who was behind the secret door? George Noory welcomed three mystery guests throughout the night and attempted to guess who they might be. George missed the identity of the first person through the door, Chase Kloetzke, a UFO investigator and author, who shared that she has now relocated to Washington DC to work as a UFO lobbyist. Regarding disclosure, she suggested it's possible that Donald Trump as a renegade and disruptor might be the first US president to spill the beans on UFOs, yet he may also have not even been briefed on the topic. She also talked about the mystery of the elongated skulls from Paracas, alien-human hybrids, and her investigation methods.

Next was writer/producer Marc Zicree, who stumped George with his references to Twilight Zone episode titles. He talked about his various projects such as the Space Command TV series, which was crowd-funded, and new models for writers and creators to get their work out there. In his forthcoming book, "Greenlighting Yourself," he argues that through tools like social media "you don't have to wait for the studios and networks to say yes to you anymore. The audience, if they want to see a show, can basically make it happen." Zicree also spoke about some of his recent projects in London, and the brilliance of Rod Serling, the creator of Twilight Zone.

George finally guessed correctly when author James Paris was the last to come through the door, even though he disguised his natural voice. Paris, who specializes on how to use prayer for a financial and personal recovery, talked about his current interest in cryptocurrency. There are different factions of people who use bitcoin and other coins, he explained, including speculators looking to make a buck, those who view it as a store of value like gold, and a third group who utilize the coins for purchases and transactions. Regarding his work with prayer, he advised asking God for a plan for one's self, rather than going in with a preconceived notion.

Beyond Science

John B. Alexander, Ph.D., is a retired senior Army officer with decades of experience in a wide range of phenomena including events that defy conventional explanation. In the first hour, he discussed some of the far-reaching subjects in his book Reality Denied, including the origins of voodoo in West Africa, visits to the healer John of God in Brazil, and Chris Bledsoe's strange UFO contacts. He also talked about experiences with the psychoactive plant preparation, ayahuasca, that many people take under the guidance of a shaman, including his wife Victoria, who has had repeated encounters with a specific group of entities.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport

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