Kerr Smith & Ufology/ Open Lines

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Kerr Smith & Ufology/ Open Lines

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Actor Kerr Smith is best known for his work on Life Unexpected, Justice, E-Ring and his breakout role of 'Jack McPhee' on the TV show Dawson's Creek. He joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his lifelong passion to discover truth, as well as his involvement in the world of ufology, and helping humanity awaken to alternate dimensions of reality. Smith recalled a Christian speaking event he attended with his parents as the first time he recognized he was interested in deeper questions about life and existence and realized that he "was a spiritual person." After reading works by Erich Von Daniken, as well as the channeled Seth material and the Law of One book, Smith realized that he was becoming engaged in a wider search for personal truth.

As part of his awakening, Smith said he soon came to believe that hidden technology exists that could free us from the energy and monetary systems that he equates to "enslavement," and that there is likely a secret space program that utilizes technology that could free us from this scenario. Smith’s opinion is that the best answer to government secrecy about the UFO subject is "full disclosure–Just rip the band-aid off," and that shows such as Coast are one of the best ways to keep the pressure on the power structure. Caller Ed from California said that he used to know Jane Roberts, who was the channel for the Seth books. He recalled that during her channeling sessions, her chronic arthritis seemed to disappear.


During Open Lines, Dana called from California to tell about her husband’s terrifying experiences with a Ouija board and how he was tormented by apparent evil forces. Dawson from Kentucky described his three missing time experiences while working late nights at a freight yard, which was shared by another co-worker. He said the sightings made the UFO issue "become real to me." Sean in Missouri said he believes that astronauts could not have gotten through the Van Allen radiation belt around the planet and that we did not actually land on the Moon. Nancy called from New York to tell about her photos of "interdimensional beings hovering around in ominous clouds" and described her techniques to reveal these images.

Frequent caller Cornelius, who has announced that he is running for public office, told Jimmy that he believes the government is trying to take our guns away and that the country is in such bad shape because "the Devil’s divided us." Anne from California said that while at a wedding she witnessed, and her husband shot video of, "a light, with a fan shape trailing it, traveling slowly across the sky." Jimmy suggested that it may have been a rocket launch from nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base. Elaine in Illinois told about hearing "walking and whispering" sounds during work in an old library when she and another woman were alone in the building.

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