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Nixon's ET Time Capsule

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented an in-depth discussion about a reported "time capsule" letter handwritten by President Richard Nixon disclosing a "message to the American people about UFOs and ETs." Robert Merritt, who worked with Nixon, is coping with an incurable cancer and wants to make sure the time capsule is revealed before his death. Linda spoke with producer and reporter Daniel Liszt who shared segments of his exclusive interview with Merritt about the time capsule. When he initially posted it, YouTube suddenly took it down with no explanation.

Nixon handpicked Merritt to conduct covert projects for him and was said to trust him a great deal-- Merritt and Henry Kissinger were reportedly the only ones who knew about the time capsule. In July of 1972, Nixon read the contents of the letter to Merritt before he had him tape the documents to his body and deliver to the Kissinger's home. According to Merritt, the time and place were left up to him and Kissinger of when to tell the American people about the time capsule, which Nixon hid "in plain sight" inside a public room of the White House.

The location of the "time capsule letter" is now in possession of the US National Archive office through the efforts of former Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy acting on behalf of Robert Merritt, and Liszt is waiting to hear if they will retrieve and share the contents with the American public, as Merritt has stipulated. In reading the letter, which Merritt recalled had a kind of scientific formula in it, Nixon mentioned a "subject from Planet X," and said the ET presence made Star Trek look antiquated in that their concepts were extremely advanced. More here.

New Disclosure Documentary

First-hour guest, political activist and lobbyist Stephen Bassett announced his new disclosure documentary which will feature the history of the modern UFO disclosure movement, including interviews with many of the key players. It will cover the period beginning with the Rockefeller Initiative in the 1990s, events that happened in the 2000s, and the 2016 presidential campaign, in which Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta's interest in the topic were mentioned in many news reports. The documentary will also look at Tom DeLonge's efforts beginning in 2014, which now seem to be coming to fruition.

News segment guests: John R. Lott, Christian Wilde

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