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Reverse Speech/ Open Lines

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Certified hypnotherapist and trainer David John Oates has developed a technology known as "reverse speech," which he claims can give new understandings of language and the human mind. Oates featured samples of this technology and demonstrated its use to determine deeper meanings in how individuals deliver key words and phrases by playing audio clips of speaking patterns backwards and interpreting what at first impression seems to be nonsensical talk.

"If you record human speech and run the tape in reverse, about once every 15 or 20 seconds you can hear this very clear phrase amongst the gibberish that I maintain is the unconscious mind speaking," he explained. According to Oates, reverse speech is a natural function of human language as it is bi-level forward as well as backward. "Who we really are is embedded backwards into the sounds of our speech," he added.

How often clear phrases occur depends on the type of speech. You can find distinct words about every ten seconds in casual conversations but less frequently in prepared remarks, Oates continued. He played recorded audio from a reverse speech student talking about developing the soul. Listening backwards the phrase, "I love each day," is uncovered. In a clip of Angelina Jolie she can be heard discussing how she is aware of her emotions, and when played in reverse reveals a similar message: "I am very aware."


The latter half of the program was devoted to Open Lines. Fancisco in Tucson, Arizona, told George about a UFO encounter he and his family experienced while driving a route to Los Angeles along the Salton Sea. "I [saw] a light coming from the sky at a 45-degree angle," Fancisco said, recalling how the object turned its light on then off as it moved closer to his vehicle. According to Fancisco, the craft was dimly-lit, saucer-shaped with markings on the outside, made no discernible sound, and took off in an instant after hovering near the car.

Gary from Santa Maria, California, described the biological mechanisms for intention and the human experience of time, and how it is related to speech. "The CB1 and CB2 synapses in your mind fire in reverse order of all other synapses... that displaces time," he suggested. Speech impediments are effected by alpha waves connected to CB1 and CB2 and can be altered through meditation, a recommended dose of cough syrup, or small amount of cannabis, Gary explained. Pat in Minneapolis phoned in to express her concerns about food flavorings produced from human DNA cell lines. "No ingredients derived from human DNA should be in our foods," she warned, noting it is a threat to the world's food supply.

News segment guests: Andre Eggelletion / Peter Davenport

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