Time Travel & Project Pegasus

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Time Travel  & Project Pegasus

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Longtime whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to discuss teleportation and his claims of being an authentic time traveler. Basiago remembered his first teleportation as a terrified six-year-old 50 years ago as part of DARPA's Project Pegasus, as well as the time 35 years ago when he made his first "night run" to Mars. He described how the process of teleportation/time travel utilizes radiant energy discovered by inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

"Time travel is going to open up the entire history, present and future, of the universe to us, so humanity deserves to know that we achieved time travel in DARPA's Project Pegasus," Basiago continued. He recalled traveling back several times to 1865 to Ford's Theater on a mission to determine who really shot Abraham Lincoln. According to Basiago, the Lincolns were never in their box when he arrived—something he later learned was due to their late arrival to the theater that night.

Basiago commented on climate change and called for a system of global public teleportation to replace forms of transportation based on internal combustion engines. Such a move would reduce greenhouse gasses by 20 to 60 percent, he suggested. Basiago revealed childhood schoolmate Kevin Joseph McPherson is the "boy who lost his feet" while teleporting to Santa Fe. He also announced his partnership with Quantum Spanner LLC, to integrate components of the Pegasus generation of time travel technology with their scalar-based healing technology. "We're entering a new era of medicine in which we will literally be manipulating the time domain to heal the human body from disease and injury," Basiago said.


Digital Currency & Blockchain

In the first half-hour, Sean Worthington talked about his new digital currency CloudCoin. Unlike Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, CloudCoin does not require an account, keeps no transaction records, and the coins themselves have authenticity numbers, Worthington explained. "Instead of having a centralized public ledger, all the money is actually in people's hands and nobody knows who has it," he said. Worthington has also developed a cloud-based counterfeiting detection system called RAIDA which checks the authenticity of CloudCoins.

During the second half-hour, Jonathan Baha'i described his decentralized global sports betting exchange, Bookie, which is based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain offers an opportunity to level the playing field and create transparency in the gaming sector, Baha'i explained. Applying Blockchain to the estimated $3 trillion/year sports betting industry will disrupt bookmakers, allow people to transact globally in a safe way, and provide peer-to-peer value transfer, he added.

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