Geopolitics & News Analysis/ Near-Death Experiences

Geopolitics & News Analysis/ Near-Death Experiences


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJoel Skousen, Robert Kopecky

In the first half, Joel Skousen, publisher of the World Affairs Brief, shared his analysis of various events in the news, and geopolitical turmoil. He expressed skepticism about North Korea's recent willingness to 'denuclearize' after talks with South Korea, suggesting that Kim Jong-un is playing for time. "We have to remember the window of opportunity to stop Kim Jong-un from completing his nuclear weapons system," Skousen warned, "it may just be the six months he needs to delay things" so he can ready a viable attack.

Regarding war in the Middle East, he indicated that the real target is Iran, as they are the only country nearing self-sufficiency in their own weapons production. According to Skousen's contact, a globalist group was displeased that Israel rejected its mandate that they attack Iran over their nuclear program in order to justify a Western strike against Iran. Discussing the school shooting in Parkland, FL, he believes there was a second gunman that was covered up, and similarly in the Las Vegas massacre, he's concluded there were multiple shooters. "It's the 'Deep State,'" he declared, "trying to get gun control and we're going to see more and more shootings."


Illustrator and network animation designer, Robert Kopecky had a near-death experience (NDE) after a car accident. In the latter half, he shared what happened the night of the crash, and in his two subsequent NDEs, and how they profoundly changed his life. The first incident took place in the 1980s when his car hit a telephone pole. He was immediately catapulted out-of-body to a bird's-eye view some 20 ft. off the ground, looking down on the accident scene. He saw someone hanging out of the smashed car window, and slowly realized it was him, as an ambulance came and took the body away. He was shepherded by congenial beings to a pastoral place for a kind of guidance session. His next memory is waking up in a hospital some 18 hours later.

His second experience occurred seven years later when he passed out on the floor and the room became enveloped in a brilliant white cloud, in which a screen opened that played pivotal scenes from his life-- a type of life review. Kopecky has concluded that NDEs are highly individualized or custom made, based on a person's background and beliefs. "I learned," he said, "that we're alive before we're born, and we're alive after we die." Further, during the NDEs, he felt that he'd entered in a "larger mind," a divine consciousness that's a matrix of a greater, loving reality.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Rich Martini



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