Beating the Money Monster

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Beating the Money Monster

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Appearing in the middle two hours, teacher, speaker, and pioneer in personal development, Morgana Rae, explained her Relationship with Money coaching method. She shared her secrets for discovering and eliminating mental, emotional, spiritual and even supernatural blocks that prevent people from realizing their full financial potential. "Our relationship with money is a real mirror of our relationship with life and ourselves," she said, and it can serve as a robust spiritual teacher because it gets our attention.

A first step is to uncover the things in one's life that have made you feel unloved unworthy, or unsafe-- these can be a root cause for financial problems as money represents safety and love, she pointed out. Then, we need to envision what she called a "money monster," a tangible and personified fusion that encompasses all of your negative emotions and feelings related to this issue. After that, she continued, you need to completely destroy the monster in as vivid a manner as possible in your mind as this helps to rewire your neurology.

When all this negativity has been excised, a person then creates their "money honey," imagined as a romantic partner who deeply cares for them, she detailed. You see yourself through the eyes of the beloved, have a conversation with them, and take action based on the give and take of the flow, Rae said, adding that these same exercises can be used in other areas of your life such as health.

Global Hotspots

First-hour guest, author and journalist Robert Young Pelton offered updates and commentary on global hotspots, warzones, and turmoil. While most of the media, he noted, has been obsessed with Russia, the Middle East and South Asia is where the US is actually fighting wars. America, he remarked, needs to decide if its "going to maintain its position in being endlessly involved in selling weapons to small countries to fight wars or are we going to clean that up?" In regards to the recent announcement that President Trump will be meeting with North Korea's leader, we may have to give Trump some credit for his chaotic foreign policy, Pelton commented, though China and South Korea probably had some involvement as well in setting this up.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Andre Eggelletion, Peter Davenport

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