Debate: Curtis vs. Bloom/ Animal Communication

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Debate: Curtis vs. Bloom/ Animal Communication

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In the first half, online columnist John M. Curtis and author, researcher Howard Bloom debated various topics in the news including President Trump, Russia, North Korea, the economy, and the media. Bloom characterized Trump as an unreliable president constantly spouting falsehoods (2,436 lies in 355 days according to the Washington Post), and coming close to treason with his campaign's involvement with Russia. Curtis countered that the news media, including papers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times are 93% against Trump, and have been hijacked by the Democratic party, such that we no longer have objective journalism.

Curtis suggested that Trump doesn't receive enough credit for his successes, such as recently getting North Korea to come to the table for negotiations, and their possible nuclear disarmament. Bloom was skeptical that Kim Jong-un has any intention of compromising their nuclear program, and was likely just manipulating Trump. Discussing the Russian attempt to sway the 2016 election, Bloom noted that all the stolen emails came from the Clinton campaign and the Democrats, and there was nothing from the Republican side. Reacting to the debate, the results of our online Instapoll of listeners, showed that 77% favored Curtis, 20.3% sided with Bloom, and 2.7% called it a draw.


A channel of animal consciousness who shares messages from the animal kingdom for the benefit of humans, Sandra Mendelson, appeared in the latter half. She detailed how she was awakened to her ability to communicate with animals beginning with a horse that conveyed he was unhappy with his hay, which upon closer inspection turned out to have mold. Since then, she has communicated with a wide variety of critters, including insects and aquatic creatures.

Animals, she explained, feel the energy of Mother Earth and get their information from many sources, including birds. They are all individuals on their own path. A blind cat told her that "she chose her human mom as much as she chose me." A chimpanzee, she tuned into, was rather bitter about his experiences with humans. A squirrel bragged about his athletic abilities. Interestingly, insects spoke to her as one, and revealed they chose their lives of anonymity to relinquish the ego, and that they weave patterns of energy humans do not see. For more fascinating animal communications, visit Mendelson's blog Animals Are Talking.

News segment guests: Stephen Cohen, Mish Shedlock

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