False Democracy/ Law Enforcement & the Paranormal

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False Democracy/ Law Enforcement & the Paranormal

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In the first half, geopolitics and foreign policy analyst Craig B. Hulet shared updates on the most recent push for greater controls on the sale of guns, electromagnetic terrorism, and the control of the government by moneyed interests. He commented on a bombing incident in Austin, Texas earlier in the day, saying that an organized group cannot be ruled out as the culprit, pointing out that "an ‪international guerrilla movement of this kind of people was formed 30 years ago." He added that the U.S. is the only country in the world where the government and media push the "lone nut" idea in these situations before all the facts are known. As far as the current investigation into collusion with Russia on the last election, Hulet believes that there "is nothing there," since many wealthy individuals have to do business with Russian oligarchs.

Hulet stated that the left/ right argument in the United States politics is false and was created to keep the voting population believing that there is a choice. Congressmen and senators, he says "are beholden to…the corporations or companies that put them in power" and that democracy in America is a false one that the majority of the population believes in because they can "only think in back and white." Hulet stated his opinion that the loss of jobs in this country may force the government to consider the idea of a guaranteed income for everyone, just to keep the economy operating and people from becoming desperate. He concluded that "the country has gone from being a functioning republic to an oligarchy."


In the second half, author and paranormal researcher Gare Allen discussed his life with psychic and paranormal occurrences, starting when he was a child and something picked up his bed and shook it before dropping it to the floor again. He later bought a house that turned out to be haunted by a former resident, who Allen says left evidence that he apparently performed some sort of rituals in the front bedroom. He experienced knocks on the walls, objects which would go missing, and window blinds that would be "knocked almost off the wall." The most startling incident he recalled was when "a demon appeared a few inches from my face." Allen believes that a shaman was able to greatly diminish the activity, as well as his practice of putting down a barrier of holy water and sea salt around the house.

For his new book, Allen interviewed first responders, police, and health care professionals about their paranormal experiences and found that while reticent to speak at first, that once he got them talking, he "couldn’t get them to stop." One of the most chilling stories came from a paramedic who arrived to find a woman standing near the front entrance of a home in a yellow robe, pointing up the stairs with a frightened look on her face. The EMT found the identical woman in a yellow robe dead in an upstairs room, but that the woman downstairs had disappeared. Allen believes that "we’re on the cusp of some new understanding" with regard to the paranormal and the spiritual. During the last hour, listeners shared their own paranormal encounters with George and the guest.

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