Humanity & Space Exploration/ White House & UFOs

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Humanity & Space Exploration/ White House & UFOs

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Formerly the domain of fiction, moving human civilization to the stars is increasingly becoming a scientific possibility and according to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, a necessity. He joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss how we must face the reality that humans will one day need to leave planet Earth to survive as a species. Kaku said that the basis of theories which can send us to the stars lies in physics, specifically quantum physics, multiverse theories and "string theory." The ideas proposed in these disciplines say that we are living in one of many possible universes which exist simultaneously. Kaku says that we "are a composite of many different waves vibrating out of phase" which we perceive as our existence.

One theoretical method that has been proposed to cover vast distances in space is the "Alcubierre drive," which Kaku described as a device that would eliminate the space between an explorer and distant stars by "compressing the space between you and the stars." The calculations involved in interstellar travel would also require new devices known as quantum computers, which would be able to calculate millions of problems simultaneously and which Kaku said would be so powerful that they could "crack the code of any encryption" system. Kaku believes it is possible that alien civilizations may explore the universe by beaming all information about each individual on a laser beam to any destination they choose, which he calls "laserporting." The information would be downloaded into an "avatar" to allow the alien to interact with the environment. Kaku believes one of his main duties is to raise the status of science in the mind of the public.


In the second half, UFO expert and author Bill Birnes revealed stories of UFOs and the White House from the days of George Washington to the 2016 election. Birnes mentioned secret FBI recordings of Marilyn Monroe, who threatened to reveal her affairs with JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy and stories they had told her of UFOs and aliens stored in a desert facility in Nevada. Birnes said both she and a journalist to whom she claimed to have told these stories to died from arguably mysterious overdoses. Birnes also described the earliest American UFO reports from the late 17th century in the Boston area, including an eerie tale of missing time after a group of fishermen sighted a glowing "flying pig" which turned into "more of an ellipse."

Birnes continued with the account of a Salem, Massachusetts minister who was "one of the first people to spot strange lights flying over the moon." He also recounted stories of George Washington’s encounter with a "glowing object" in the woods at Valley Forge, and how a glowing figure stepped out of it and showed Washington a map of how his army could win the war as well as the future of America. Birnes believes that Abraham Lincoln was "probably our most paranormal president" and held regular seances and spirit sessions in the White House. He also detailed the account of Richard Nixon, who Birnes says showed his friend Jackie Gleason UFO debris and dead alien bodies at Homestead Air Force Base. Gleason came back from that encounter a "changed individual," he said.

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