Mysterious Origins & Expeditions

Mysterious Origins & Expeditions


HostConnie Willis

GuestsSamantha Ellen Ritchie, Jerry Wills

Guest host Connie Willis (email) was joined by adventurer Jerry Wills (Related Photos), who revealed how he discovered he was from "somewhere else," and shared incredible stories from his journeys to South America. According to Wills, in 1953 he was left at an abandoned farmhouse in Kentucky, where officials at Fort Knox had been notified they could find him. He remained at the base until being handed over to a childless soldier and his wife to raise as their own.

Wills recounted details from his first UFO encounter at age 12, when he watched a giant silvery object the size of a blimp fly overhead, as well as from an unusual meeting in the woods with a man wearing lycra. The two conversed without saying a word, he explained, noting he met up with the man and others like him over the next four years. "They arrived in a saucer-shaped craft that was usually just sitting there on the ground," he said, adding they offered to take him away from his abusive father and back from whence he came.

Willis also talked about his ability to see energy around plants, animals, and people, how he once healed a dead mouse caught in a trap, and a fascinating incident that occurred on a South American expedition. "I'd made some interesting friends, let's say, down in Peru... both from this world and from other worlds," he said, reporting on a particular meeting with a man named Rich, who "wasn't from around here" and who knew of Wills' own unique origins. Rich had eyes the color of blue topaz, a compelling presence, and claimed to be a Pleiadian, Wills explained, recalling how Rich could travel using a device on his belt. "He put his finger on it, there was a crackling sound... it was in the blink of an eye—he wasn't there but there was this blue orb," he disclosed.


Encounters with Little People

Samantha Ritchie (Related Photos) reported on her encounters with tiny beings she calls Little People—three to four inch tall humanoids that have been revealing themselves to her. "There's this area that we seem to have come across some real strangeness," she said, attributing activity such as Sasquatch sightings and light portals to an inter-dimensional vortex on the property. According to Ritchie, Little People cannot be seen by the human eye, only in photographs as cameras are able to catch these fast-moving beings.

Ritchie reported on the first time she saw a group of seven to eight Little People in a photo she had taken of a Sasquatch. "The features of them were pretty stark and remarkable because they actually looked like a group hippies," she explained, noting they were wearing clothing and one had on an amulet. Ritchie dismissed the critique that finding these small creatures in photos is a result of pareidolia.



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