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Guest host Jimmy Church (email) hosted a night of UFO Open Lines. Dave in New Jersey recounted a strange aerial sighting he had on St. Patrick's Day in 2005. According to Dave, he was driving when he saw lights in the sky so he pulled into North Hudson Park to take a closer look. "The lights were in the shape of a diamond," he said, noting how other people in the park were also witnessing this object. The formation, which morphed into a triangular shape, was made of smaller ships marked by red and green lights, Dave added. He told Jimmy he called the airport and spoke with someone who admitted they were advised to say the objects were ultralight aircraft. When pressed, the man confessed the craft had landed on the runway, Dave revealed.

Matt from Elk Grove, California, proposed his theory about UFOs traveling from the future to alert present-day humans of impending dangers. "Maybe they're people from the future; they're coming back to warn us of something that's going to happen that we need to change," he said. Barbara in Cincinnati proposed a reason for the secrecy surrounding the existence of extraterrestrials. "The reason why aliens themselves didn't really want us to know right away... it would actually make governments collapse, religions collapse, because people would actually know what's really what," she explained. Mike from Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, suggested television and movies have been used to condition the populace about the reality of UFOs in order to cushion the blow for disclosure.


UFOs & Disclosure

Richard Dolan, one of the world's leading researchers and writers on UFOs, shared an update in the first hour on the latest on UFOs and disclosure, and recent journalistic coverage of the topic. "What's really made the difference... has been that the mainstream [media] has made a decision as of December 2017 to treat this subject with a little bit more seriousness," he said. The New York Times likely broke the story about the Pentagon's secret UFO program because Tom Delonge's organization had generated momentum and the news was going to break anyway, Dolan speculated, noting we've entered an era when changes in our society are making it difficult to contain information. "What I think we are going to continue seeing is the establishment grudgingly giving way to this subject," he suggested.

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