Satan's Throne/ Underwater UFOs

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Satan's Throne/ Underwater UFOs

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In the first half, spiritual researcher and Nephilim expert, Ali Siaditan, joined Richard Syrett to discuss his new research into the Altar of Zeus which served as inspiration for Hitler's stage at the Nuremberg Rally. It was uncovered in Turkey in 1878 and now sits in a museum in Berlin. Siaditan contends the altar may be the Throne or Seat of Satan as described in the biblical book of Revelation. Also known as the "Pergamon Altar," (named for the location where it was discovered) the huge edifice was designed as a temple for sacrifices to the Greek god Zeus. Siaditan suggested that Jesus referred to the altar as the "Throne of Satan." He believes that the pagan worship and anti-Christian symbolism embodied in the monument was rediscovered by the Nazis in the years after its rediscovery by German archaeologist Karl Humann, who had the entire structure shipped to Berlin in 1887.

During the rise of Nazism, Hitler’s architect Albert Speer saw the Altar in a Berlin museum that was constructed specifically to house the massive monument (which measures 155 feet wide and 30 feet high) and used it as inspiration to build a much larger building based on it. The resulting edifice was built at Nuremberg where the Nazi party held massive rallies in the 1930s. Siaditan believes that the altar/ throne continues to influence world history, keeping its power intact as a force for an anti-Christian empire. He said that Barack Obama used a model of it during his inauguration which, although he does not think the former president knew of the symbolism, Siaditan believes "says something about his subconscious mind and his spirit connected to it."


For at least 100 years, strange activity has been occurring off the Southern California coast. Mile for mile, this area is one of the top producers of USOs (unidentified submersible objects) in the entire world. Drawing on firsthand testimonies from the Navy, sailors, pilots, Boy Scouts, local residents and many others, Preston Dennett presented a compelling case for the possible existence of an undersea UFO base. Using testimony from ten years of research that demonstrate sightings of weird lights, anomalous glowing clouds, objects flying into and out of the water, mass UFO sightings, and humanoid encounters, Dennett is convinced that something very strange is lurking in these waters. Dennett has collected hundreds of eyewitness accounts and shared some of the most unusual cases of USOs and UFOs he has encountered.

He said the most common sighting is of a glowing object moving underwater, often at very high speeds with seemingly no effect on the water around them. He recounted the story of a boat captain who encountered a green glowing object which appeared under his craft, whereupon all the electronics "went haywire" and a compass spun so wildly it fell off its mounting. One of the more eerie encounters occurred in 1998, where after sighting a USO offshore late at night, Dennett said multiple witnesses saw a group of human-looking figures descend a staircase to the beach and mingle amongst their large group, but would not speak. After one being appeared to be signaling the USO, the entire group experienced missing time and were next aware that they were standing in two even rows, facing out to sea. At that point Dennett says the witness told him "everyone was silent and just left." No one who was present spoke about the incident for many years. Dennett shared these related images.

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