Tax Battles/ Holy Grail/ Time Travel

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Tax Battles/ Holy Grail/ Time Travel

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First-hour guest, Daniel J. Pilla, a leader in taxpayers' rights defense and IRS abuse prevention, shared accounts of people's battles with the IRS. He became interested in this arena when at the age of 18, he successfully sued the IRS and stopped them from seizing their family home. When the IRS audits someone, the government agency's calculations are wrong 60 to 90% of the time, he cited. Yet, most don't know how to challenge or appeal their claims. It's a mistake not to file your taxes on time, even if you're not able to pay, he commented, as the IRS can further penalize you. Pilla is not impressed with the latest tax changes, which he referred to as tax cuts rather than genuine reform. He favors a plan similar to the FairTax, which would eliminate taxes on income, in favor of a national sales tax.


In the second hour, journalist and freelance writer Charles A. Coulombe discussed the recent changes in the Catholic church, and the Church's stance on various subjects such as exorcism and demonic possession, as well as his new work on the quest for the Holy Grail. Exorcisms are on the rise in the US, he reported, though the Church is reluctant to perform them because the afflicted person could be mentally ill. The local diocese have stringent criteria which include the involvement of a psychiatrist, and the exhibition of "preternatural" symptoms such as the knowledge of a language the disturbed person couldn't possibly have known. The Grail, said to be the cup or chalice Jesus used at the Last Supper, is a key to various other relics and miraculous phenomena, he believes, and it's likely that the venerated object is the one on display behind glass at the Gothic Cathedral in Valencia, Spain.


Appearing in the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about past life regression, future life progression, teleportation, and time travel. Using the term chrononauts to describe time travelers, he suggested they actually traveled back in time to places such as Lemuria and Atlantis to stimulate technology and advancements. Around the year 3050, time travel will be discovered by a man named Taatos, a kind of da Vinci of the future, who develops a machine called the Wormhole Linear Accelerator, he stated.

To correct or change health conditions or directions in one's life, Goldberg shared his 'New You Technique.' By perceiving a version of yourself in a parallel universe, he said you can switch tracks, and overcome your issues. He also shared one of his patients' descriptions of teleportation: "It felt almost like I was caught in a giant web. Suddenly the world exploded into countless billions of glowing threads. They stretched away in all directions and intersected everything including me. The overall effect was very similar to looking at a hologram, except it was visceral as well as visual. You could see/feel the image."

George played his rendition of "The Telltale Heart" during the last half-hour.

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