Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe


Charles Coulombe is a Catholic journalist and freelance writer. He is a former contributing editor for the National Catholic Register and has written for several other journals as well. Mr. Coulombe did commentary on the last Papal funeral and conclave for ABC, Fox, and the BBC. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico. He has known such figures as James Francis Cardinal McIntyre, former Archbishop of Los Angeles (whom Charles Berlitz claimed saw the wrecked Roswell saucer); the famed television psychic, Criswell, and Fr. Malachi Martin. In October of 2005, Coulombe was named a Knight Commander of St. Sylvester by the Vatican.



Past Shows:

  • Tax Battles/ Holy Grail/ Time Travel

    Daniel J. Pillaspoke about battles with the IRS. Followed by Charles Coulombe on exorcisms & the Holy Grail, and Dr. Bruce Goldberg on time travel.More »
  • The Church & the Paranormal

    Catholic journalist and historian Charles A. Coulombe discussed the Catholic Church and its stance on various paranormal subjects such as exorcism, demonic possession, UFOs, aliens, supernatural creatures, and prophecy. In the first hour, UFO researchers Paola Harris and...More »
  • The Supernatural

    Catholic journalist Charles Coulombe reminisced about the late Father Malachi Martin, as well as discussed angels, demons, the Devil, exorcism, and other "preternatural" topics. According to Coulombe, Father Martin was a "theological liberal," who eventually came to believe in...More »

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